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I am always looking for cute craft ideas for my kiddos – you know the kind you can display and it not look overly handmade?  This project that Carmel’s daughter made is just that – a perfect handmade art piece she can showcase in her room. And what girl doesn’t love those colorful fuzzy fluffs?  
Hey there, it’s Carmel from Our Fifth House.  Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m back today with a super easy craft that even a kid could do!  It’s the perfect little craft for a holiday weekend. 
diy pom pom peace sign



– a chipboard peace sign (Michael’s)
– a bag of multicolored pom poms
– craft glue
I wasn’t kidding when I said – even a kid could do it.  My 7 year old daughter made this pom pom peace sign all by herself!
pom pom kids craft
pom pom child craft
Make sure that you use enough glue or the pom poms won’t stick.  If I had made this myself I would have used a hot glue gun, but since my girl wanted to do this craft I handed over the kid-friendly craft glue. 
While the glue was drying, I grabbed a white canvas board and added gold stripes to it with duck tape.  Then when the glue was completely dry – about an hour – I glued the pom pom peace sign to the gold striped canvas board.  So easy – and so fun! 
pom pom craft
I heart pom poms in a major way – what about you?
Come visit Our Fifth House and get the deets on my chalkboard brick fireplace makeover!

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