How to Make Pom Pom Hair Accessories

It is so fun having a little girl that I can have as my endless dress up doll.  Kayla loves when I do her hair and so having some fun hair accessories are right up her alley.  These pom-pom hair ties are so simple to make and can be customized to your outfit, sports team or school colors.





Extra Large Clover Pom-Pom Maker



Hair ties

1.  The package for the Clover pom-pom maker has great instructions on how to use it.  But basically you wrap your yarn around one arm of pom pom maker, then slip your elastic tie onto one side of the circle arm.  Then wrap your yarn around the other arm.  Make sure you count how many times you go around each arm so your pom-pom looks uniform.




2.  Next you cut the loops, obviously being careful not to cut the elastic.


3.  Then you tie a piece of yarn or string around the middle of the pom pom tying it taut so you don’t lose any of the strings.


4.  Pull your pom pom off the maker.  It will need some trimming when you remove it.  Fluff it and put it in your hair.



I got a little obsessed with making them and made them in all sorts of colors.  I also made one blue and maize one for University of Michigan.  Go Blue!


You can make double ones for pig tails or use one of the smaller Clover pom-pom makers to make them smaller.  But I like big poufs and I cannot lie.  🙂


When momma gets on one of her kicks Kayla just rolls her eyes and just goes with it.  Don’t worry I haven’t made her go out with all 8 of them on her head yet ;-)  But it might be a fun hairdo for crazy hair day during spirit week at school.




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