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I had the privilege of meeting Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy at Blissdom this past year.  Poppy

Everyone wanted to meet Lindsey because she was handing out her infamous posy pins.  So of course I remember the moment I met her.Image of set of 3 posy pins - 453Image of covered notebook - 91

The Pleated Poppy is becoming a household name.  Lindsey’s eye for putting fabrics together is amazing.  What women doesn’t swoon over ruffles?  Lindsey sent me one of the covered notebooks this week.  Hmmm do you notice a pattern of the color scheme I am drawn to?  I chose this one and now it has become my blog inspiration book.  I write down all of my future post ideas and the crazy thoughts in my head that may or may not reach my blog one day.  I think since it is adorable it helps aid in my creativity ;-p

Lindsey has checkbook covers, posy pins and headbands, covered notebooks, zippered bags and more all in her lush fabrics that she chooses.Image of zippered pouch - 156 *SOLD*Image of checkbook cover - 68

Well how about a giveaway?  Lindsey is giving one lucky Infarrantly Creative reader a $25 gift certificate to The Pleated Poppy

Just visit The Pleated Poppy and leave a comment telling me how you would spend $25 in her shop.

Plus anyone who purchases can use the code “INFARRANTLY” and get 10% off.

She also has a blog. Go check out her fresh style and simple, but bold decorating. Here are my three favorite Pleated Poppy posts.


New Life for an Old Door

Master Bath Redo

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  1. I NEED to win this giveaway! seriously, this is a need! I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Pleated Poppy and I swoon over her stuff! The covered notebooks are my absolute favorite!!! I love the petal pushers, and the checkbook covers!!! Oh my gosh I literally love EVERYTHING!!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!


  2. I LOVE the petal pushers for my little girl! HOW ADORABLE. Well, maybe Mommy might borrow them too… 😉

  3. I've pondered this question often and I still don't know! Right now I LOVE her posy headbands. Or hair pins.

  4. There are too many cute options. I am really liking the posy pins or maybe a checkbook cover.
    wkpanter at yahoo dot com

  5. oh beckie, pick me! i have been trying to win one for a while- i really want one of her purses… they are fabulous but the ones i want always sell so fast…. before i can say "i saved up!"

  6. oh beckie, pick me! i have been trying to win one for a while- i really want one of her purses… they are fabulous but the ones i want always sell so fast…. before i can say "i saved up!"

  7. oh beckie, pick me! i have been trying to win one for a while- i really want one of her purses… they are fabulous but the ones i want always sell so fast…. before i can say "i saved up!"

  8. oh beckie, pick me! i have been trying to win one for a while- i really want one of her purses… they are fabulous but the ones i want always sell so fast…. before i can say "i saved up!"

  9. The check book cover or the sunglass case. My glasses are always getting scratched in my purse!

  10. Oh, I love the posy pins – #452 was my favorite. All the color combinations are fantastic!

  11. oooh! my fave has always been the zipper pouch with the scissors fabric! i love her shop and blog 😉

  12. I'd start with Sunnies Case #13 because I'm in desparate need of a case and that is adorable!!!

  13. aw love all those pretty fabrics she uses, I think my fav is a toss up between check book cover 68 & 63!

  14. I love everything! I'd probably get some of those adorable headbands though for my two little girls.

  15. The posy pins are incredible but then so are the posy hair pins…

    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  16. I love checkbook cover #62…so cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway 😀

  17. I really like the sunglasses case, the posy pins and the headband for my little niece. Who am I kidding? I'd take one of everything! Super cute 🙂

  18. Oh my word how to choose?? I love everything! Especially the petal pushers. My little girl's birthday is coming up and these would look perfect for that special day! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. i love ruffles, the zipper pouches and checkbook covers are so pretty, i love the zippered pouch – 162.

  20. I love everything! If I win I would get some posy pins! They are so fun and cheery! Thanks for the chance!

  21. In a word I love EVERYTHING…and what a hoot it would be to win !!!! I just smile when I see Pleated Poppy. A joyous and creative place to drool!!!!

  22. I love her petal drop necklaces! large or small this would make a great bday gift to myself 🙂
    annemolino at hotmail dot com

  23. I am obsessed with the posy pins! And the covered notebooks. And the zippys. Oh my! haha. I think the $25 would end up just covering a portion of my bill, as I'd have a hard time keeping my total down to $25.

  24. I would want one of those posy pins…it would look cute on my daughter's head. I hope I win!

  25. I guess if I could only spend $25 I would get a zippered pouch because they are really, really cute, but if I spent $35 I would totally get a cute petal drop necklace!

  26. I really like the Pleated Poppy's notebooks covers. It may inspire me to write something amazing 🙂

  27. I love the Petal Pushers! The houndstooth and the men's stripe are gorgeous!

  28. I would either get a sunglass case, covered notebook, or a necklace. You can see that if I won, I'd end up spending more than $25.

  29. Great Giveaway! 🙂 I might choose a petal drop necklace, or even a pretty covered notebook. I agree that her fabric choices are great!

  30. I love the zippered pouch – 164. Cute!
    Thanks for the chance.
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  31. omg! i would get a matching sunnies case and zippered pouch because i am never without my sunglasses and to keep my big-hold-everything-purse organized i use lots of different little zippered pouches like those on her site. it works for me!

  32. I'd most definitely be getting a notebook – number 94, to be precise. Love those, and I can never resist a cute notebook!

  33. I would have to go with a sunglasses case. How my sunglasses have not been lost or sat on this summer is beyond me…but a case would help me keep track of them even better.

  34. It's so hard to choose. I think maybe the petal drop necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. LOVE the notebook covers, or wait, the purse, no maybe the glasses case….how can anyone choose?

  36. I have no doubt that I could spend $25 and more (don't tell my husband, lol)
    I am thinking the covered notebook, check cover, petal pushers, AND the posy pins. Is there anything I don't like.

  37. i LOVE the covered notebooks & i LOVE the pleated poppy! hope i win 🙂

    oh, i love you, too!

  38. If I were to win I would love to have one of her beautiful covered notebooks. There is one that is a beautiful green fabric with a large blue flower, that would be my pick.

  39. I looooove her stuff! I would get every color of her petal pushers, love them! Thanks for the opportunity!


  40. oh my gosh, I LOVE the pleated poppy pins!!! SO great! I need a little of everything from her but her sunglass covers are adorable and i'm always losing my sunglasses!! i would have to get some of everything all in cooridinating patterns!!!

  41. I really like the covered notebooks – especially since it has a pocket for a pen! I would love to win this drawing!

  42. I am in love with the Sunnies Case no. 1! And I never go anywhere without my sunglasses, so this would be perfectly amazing 🙂

  43. Okay, so I love the notebook covers, but you did limit us to a $25 limit…so I would have to choose the set of 3 poppy pins! I would love to pin them on a hair clip, since I've been trying to get the courage to try the flower in the hair trend! These pins are just so cute!

  44. I would buy posy pins!! I love them. They are so cute and fun.

    sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

  45. I would spend the $25 on a checkbook cover and a poppy headband. I love all of her things!!! So cute!!!

  46. Love her shop! Wish I had her talent. I would pick the petal pusher in punch. 🙂

  47. I would choose a checkbook cover. Mine is falling apart and the Scotch tape on it looks terrible! ;o)

  48. I love the Posy Hair Clip 183. I have a new 3 year niece and would love to see these precious clips in her hair!

  49. I would buy the posy pins to give to my best friends and I'd love a checkbook cover, too!

  50. Love her zippered pouches and checkbook covers! They would make my purse so bright and cheery! 🙂 I love Lindsey, her blog and BEAUTIFUL goodies!!!

  51. I would be all about the posy pins! I want to add a little flare to a few purses of mine 🙂

  52. She has great taste! I can't decide if I'd choose some posy pins or a zippered pouch.

    shaunalewallen at yahoo dot com

  53. For me I would pick the zippered pouch-163 & my daughter would like a hair clip or headband.

  54. I think I definitely need a Pleated Poppy Checkbook Cover! They are all so fun and girly… it makes it hard to choose just one though!


  55. I love The Pleated Poppy!! Don't know if I could choose just one thing. Posey pins, Posey hair clips, covered notebooks, petal drop necklaces — love'em all!

  56. I would have *no* problem spending $25 in The Pleated Poppy {and then some, haha 🙂 ]

    I would first go for one of those super cute checkbook covers, but I would no doubt have to have some cute posy pins, too. So much so love.. so little time to shop!

  57. What a hard choice! I think I'd choose either a zippered pouch or some posy hair clips for my girls.

  58. I love most of her stuff…but I love the zipper carry all things and the check book covers…those things are always so drab and she makes them gorgeous.

  59. I really like the reversible pillow cover – optic leaves. But, I also like the zippered pouch – sweet dots!

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