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Is Plant Therapy a Multi-level Marketing? Not many people are sure whether it is an MLM like other known brands or not.

Many believe Plant Therapy is a better choice than other essential oil manufacturers, particularly in light of their USDA organic accreditation. It is also not just because they’re high-quality, 100% pure oils; it’s also because they have such fantastic mixtures.  

Plant Therapy is an essential oil brand that is a non-MLM. This brand isn’t considered an MLM since money from sales isn’t dependent on a distribution channel. There are no links, up or down, and the oils are reasonably priced while being of good quality.

Many may not know how to identify when a company or brand is an MLM. It can be pretty tricky telling the facts from the lies. Here is why Planet Therapy is not an MLM. The differences between an MLM and non-MLM. And other essential oil companies that are not MLMs like Planet Therapy.

Is Plant Therapy An MLM Essential Oil Brand?

Suppose you have been using essential oils from Plant Therapy and recently learned about some essential oil brands being MLM. In that case, it isn’t surprising if you wonder if Plant Therapy falls under the same umbrella. The answer is no. Plant Therapy is not an MLM.

In What Ways Is Planet Therapy Non-MLM?

Multi-Level Marketing, in essence, is MLM. This type of marketing structure relies on word-of-mouth marketing, and most businesses avoid using advertisements when using such a structure. Advertising costs a lot of money, which drives up the product’s price without changing its quality. 

In contrast, the money that would have gone to middlemen or other distribution channels is instead divided among the firm’s distributors. Planet Therapy is essentially the opposite of that. Oils are offered for sale at various retail outlets by Plant Therapy because they are sold both retail and wholesale. 

In addition to providing high-quality oils at reasonable costs, Plant Therapy is a brand that cares about its customers rather than just its bottom line. Plant Therapy is not an MLM, meaning customers can look forward to excellent quality, much more cost-effective prices than MLM, and free shipping in most cases. 

Furthermore, Planet Therapy, not being an MLM, means native areas are used to harvest organic plants. It also means that the brand employs legal extraction techniques, so the oils are pure and undisturbed.

This brand also offers GC testing results because they have never relied on risky techniques and false information in its marketing. They also correctly package and label their essential oils.

What Makes MLM Brands Unlikeable Compared To Non-MLM Brands?

To reach the public, Multi-level Marketing enterprises rely on distribution channels rather than online or physical stores, and each level receives a portion of the sale price. This raises the cost of the oils generally. 

With MLM, transparency is also a problem because they rarely transparently provide important information. Since its inception, they have placed more emphasis on trying to sell more oils than on the responsible and effective use of these potent products. 

This is often proven by inexperienced salespeople’s advice about using undiluted or hardly diluted oils when knowledge suggests otherwise. In most situations, a relatively minimal dilution, between 2% and 5%, is sufficient to produce the desired effects.

In Multi-Level Marketing, where individuals share in the profits of the people they acquire as downlinks, their success is determined not only by their own success but also by the downlink’s success.

The MLMs in aromatherapy appear to have significantly inflated prices necessitated by the fact that all the links need to be paid“. 

They also invest little time or effort in teaching their downlinks on proper and safe uses of essential oils. The blatant misuse of the oils, like drinking them in water, regularly using them undiluted, etc., all appear to occur because of the MLMs’ quest to increase sales.

Customers almost certainly pay higher prices for an MLM product than a comparable quality product offered by a non-MLM entity. Everyone in the network, upline and downline, receives their cut in this manner. Most people have forgotten that this approach should be about healing rather than selling.

It is essential that customers not assume that to purchase high-quality essential oils, you must become a member of an MLM organization. Essential oils certainly aren’t as high-quality or as pure as they are advertised to be. Additionally, many of the assertions made by MLM distributors on the purity of essential oils are untrue, as customers never get to see GC results.

What Other Essential Oil Companies Are Non-MLM?

Suppose you’re looking to buy essential oils but have no desire to support an MLM firm since most essential oil lovers detest such business tactics. Furthermore, you are aware that they are frequently unnecessarily expensive.

Here are some recommendations for reputable non-MLM oil firms that you can choose to buy from or research:

NOW, Mountain Rose Herbs, Florihana, Eden Botanicals, Aura Cacia, Nature’s Gift, Rocky Mountain, Be Kind Botanicals, and Pompeii Street

These brands are always heavily recommended by essential oil lovers. This is because you can rest assured that you’ll get good quality at an affordable price. Furthermore, they are ethical and care about their customers.

Remember that it isn’t enough to just use recommended essential oils. It is imperative to also educate yourself on safe essential oil use. There are a few things to be aware of, like avoiding using essential oils, plain or undiluted, on your skin.

Furthermore, oil and water do not mix. And lastly, Epsom salts won’t dilute essential oils.


As mentioned above, Planet Therapy is 100% a non-MLM. And it is one of the non-MLM essential oil brands that care more about its customer than about increasing sales.

There are many cons when dealing with MLM essential oil brands that many prefer to avoid purchasing from them. Fortunately, one can look into other brands other than Planet Therapy.

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