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Picture Keeper is an innovative new device used to store and back up all your pictures.   If your computer has ever crashed you know the panic that sets in when you think you may have lost all your pictures. With Picture Keeper you never have to worry if your pictures are gone.

Picture Keeper - the easiest way to protect your pictures!

Just insert the Picture Keeper drive into any USB port on your PC, click “Start Backup” and Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves all your pictures. That’s it! They all fit right there on the Picture Keeper drive. What’s more, subsequent backups are fast because Picture Keeper will only copy the newest images when you use it again to save your recently added or changed pictures.


Picture Keeper is offering all IC readers a 10% discount along with FREE SHIPPING using the code: increative10

In addition one IC reader will win PK4 which will hold up to 4000 pictures.

To be eligible to win leave a comment for each one below that you do below…

1.   You must like Picture Keeper on Facebook.

2.   Visit the Picture Keeper site and tell me what product would work best to store your pictures.


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  1. WOW, I have never seen these, what a great idea! I like them on FB. (I will be traveling this next month and don’t know how frequently I will be able to check blogs, so if I happen to win, could you email me @ THANKS!)

  2. I went to their site. Obviously the PK16 would be amazing to have! (I will be traveling this next month and don’t know how frequently I will be able to check blogs, so if I happen to win, could you email me @ THANKS!)

  3. This is a great product. I wish I had owned one of these when my computer crashed a couple of months ago and lost pictures. I have liked them on Facebook.

  4. I visited their site and the PK8 would be great, but the PK4 would still be great to win. I would so like to be able to take many picutres on vacation and not worry about over working computer to store them.

  5. This is a great idea! I visited the site, and I would really like to have the Pro version. I’m such a nut about loosing my pictures! I have a hard drive that I back up at my home, and once every month or 2, I take my laptop to my parents, where I have a second hard drive that I back up to.

  6. So I’m pretty much a picture freak so I would need muliples of the pk-16 but it would be nice to have the pk 4

  7. Definitely the PK16(though I’ll be happy starting off with the PK4)! I have a ton of photos and plan to take many more! 😀 My photos currently sit on my hard drive, patiently waiting for me to pick and choose, print and scrap! I do back them up on an external hard drive, but the picturekeeper would definitely save me a step and time!

  8. I would definitely need PK16. Lost all my pic’s this December and I’m still in the process of recovering them!

  9. I think this is an awsome product, I would love the pk16. I “like” the product on FB.

  10. Great idea! Liked on FB and going by their suggestions I would need a PK-16 Picture Keeper. Thanks!

  11. Great idea! I liked them on FB and going by their suggestions I wuould need a PK-16 Picture Keeper. Thanks!

  12. I could make do with the PK8 but of course, I would LOVE to have the PK16. That way I know I am safe to take as many pictures as I like and not worry about losing them!

  13. The PK16 of course (would gift to my sister)! What a neat product – would be fabulous for folks who don’t have an online backup system in place (I am a photographer so I have my stuff covered but most people don’t!)

  14. I’d totally need this my computer crashed early this year and we lost everything! I can’t have it happen again!

    I liked them on FB

  15. I liked them on FB and checked out their site. Any size would be great but I have to say that bigger is better. 🙂 What an awesome product!!!

  16. this is brilliant! we have had our home computer crash a couple of times. we had an external hardrive to store all our important documents (my husband is a writer) and photos and it crashed, too! this would really be a lifesaver.

    I have liked them in facebook and the PK8 would probably suit our photo storage needs best.

  17. What a great idea! I lost my entire hard drive not once but TWICE (fool me twice, shame on me, right?) so this would be a GREAT thing for me!!! I’d love the PK16! =)

  18. The PK-16 would, of course, be ideal. I’ve been doing a photography project where I take a picture every day for a year so I’ve got a lot of photos stored up from that alone.

  19. Oh My! This is just what I have been looking for, and though it is worth so much, I think the PK8 might be all I could even stretch to afford. But OH at the pictures I could be comfortable saving on the PK16… absolute heaven! Thank you for this offer, I have put it on my wish list. Whoo hooo !

  20. I would love the PK 16. Last year alone I took over 12,000 pictures. Yikes!!! Thanks for the great givewaway!

  21. This looks awesome! I am trying to convince my parents who just recently bought me an external hard drive to back up my photos on to return it and GET THIS INSTEAD! I have issues with getting photos from my PC AND MAC so maybe this will be the answer to my prayers!
    So–depending if I am able to return my hard drive, I would LOVE the PK16–the more photos the better, right?! 🙂 🙂

  22. I LOVE this idea! Losing the pictures on my computer has been my biggest fear! I take pictures of everything in/about my life. Losing those would be like losing every memory I have. I liked them on FB. I would have liked them 5 millions times if I could!! 🙂

  23. The PK16 would be so awesome. I tend to take a LOT of pictures. I’ve never heard of this product. It sounds great. What a great giveaway!

  24. 1. I liked Picture Keeper on FB and ref IC
    2. I would def love to get the PK 16 (someday)…we have 7 children & 4 grandchildren and I love taking pics of them!!

  25. With all of the pics I take of my kids, I would probably do best with the PK-16. I would be happy with either, though. 🙂

  26. I’ve like PK on fb for awhile now and think they are awesome. So much fun stuff
    I would love the PK16. I am taking every possible picture of my granddaughter
    Thanks for a chance at it

  27. This is such a great idea. Our hard drive crashed and we did not have anything backed up. Fortunately, Geek Squad managed to get everything back but it was expensive$$. I’m not much of a photographer but I sure don’t want to lose the pictures I have on my computer.

  28. I already “like” Picture Keeper on FB!! I would love to have the PK 8 or 16-but just having one to keep my pictures safe would be awesome!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I love love love to have two of the PK 16… What a great way to save memories!

  30. Oh I guess I answered both questions on one post!! So I will say what a terrific item Picture Keeper is and you are so kind to give one away-I would love the PK 8 but the PK4 would be terrific too!! I have so many pictures to keep safe-they are precious to me!

  31. My hubby says I take too many pictures (not possible) so I would LOVE something like this. With two little boys, I never get the time to burn them all from my laptop onto DVDs like I want to! I could easily use the PK16 I’m sure but even just the PK4 would help out tremendously!

  32. I think we would need at least (1) PK 16. Thanks for letting me know about this company and the great giveaway!

  33. I would love the PK-16 Picture Keeper
    Keeps ~16,000* pictures safe!

  34. Oh boy, what a shock. I though I could do the PK-8, but I need a PK-16 after checking the amount of space used by my Picture folder as the website suggested.

  35. Thank you for introducing me to this! I just recently lost all of my pictures on my hard drive 🙁 I liked them on FB.

  36. I’d LOVE to have the pk16
    my boy is 2.5 and we already have several thousands…
    Thank you 4 the giveaway

  37. I would for sure want a pk16! I’m sure I don’t have 16,000 pictures, but my daughter is only one, so I’m well on my way to having that many!

  38. I think I’d need the PK16 — not immediately but very, very soon. Thanks!

  39. I “like” them on fb!! I have been looking at these for some time now. I think the PK16 would work best for me. I take ALOT of pics!! 🙂

  40. I went through and followed their tutorial for how to find how much storage you need. Just in my iPhoto (so not all my picture files on my computer) I have 7.8 GB. So I think I need the PK16!! But I would really love to win the PK4, too!

  41. I “Liked” Picture Keeper on Facebook. The PK4 would be sufficient! I’ve lost hundreds of photos in the past and would enjoy one less thing to worry about. Thanks 🙂

  42. I did the tutorial, and it says I need the PK16, but I would love to win the smaller one too! This is a wonderful giveaway!! Thank you!

  43. how neat!!! if it work as good as you say that would be a life saver. need several pk16! like them on fb too!! thanks for the review and giveaway!!!

  44. Very cool! I liked it on fb. I would need the PK16. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  45. Oh, I liked them on fb and I like the idea in real life. I think i’d need a pk 16 because of the zillion pictures I have! Two of my kids take pictures, and they upload them to any one of three different computers in the house and then save them to mysterious and bizarre locations so we can never find them again! This would save my life just because it would enable me to find those instead of doing what we currently do, which is search every folder on the hard drive only to find the picture we want is actually on a different machine altogether!

  46. Oh, I’d definitely need the PK16 because I have LOTS (& LOTS!) of pictures! I love how tiny the device is & that you just plug it in & go! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  47. I would definitely need the PK16! I take soooo many pictures and love them all! I could have used this a couple of years ago when my computer crashed and I lost all the files on my computer 🙁 All I really cared about were my pictures, thank goodness I was still printing them at the time.

  48. After checking out their website and what size i’d need according to my computer specs…a PK8 would be great. It would store all I have right now, and there’s room to grow!

  49. this sounds soo amazing!!!! would loveeee to get my hands on one its would be sooo useful!!!

  50. I would love to have the PK16 (or a few) I have three computers with thousands of photos stored, I am so afraid they will all crash and I will be left with NOTHING 🙁 … Thank you Picture Keeper for the opportunity.

  51. I’m a happy follower of PK on FB! I take tons of pictures every year. I think the PK4 would be perfect. This way I could file them away for each year. I am very paranoid about losing pictures. I would love to try the PK! 🙂

  52. I think I would like a couple of the P16. I have 1000’s of pictures on 3 of my computers! I keep meaning to back them up. This looks like a great product!

  53. In reality, I think I would probably need the PK16, but at this point, any size will do.

  54. I would like to have to have the pk 16 we do tons of road trips in the summer, what an awesome way to keep all my pictures for my scrapbook projects in the fall. PK’s rock!!!!!

  55. It’s just such a good idea! I, like so many would want the PK16, which would alleviate my worry of the computer crashing and losing all of my memories, but the PK4 would be great to have! Thanks for running the competition. Fingers crossed!!! (oh, I liked and shared Picture Keeper as soon as I found out about it.)

  56. I ‘liked’ it on facebook. This is a great item, I have soooo many pictures that I really need to get backed up.

  57. i’d love the pk16 to never have to worry about picture storage ever again. but the pk4 or pk6 would work also.

  58. Of course I’d love the 16, but the 4 would be a great help in between times I remember to backup to the external HD.

  59. I could use the PK8 right now. If that gets full–I would have to get another. lol
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. The PK16 would probably be sufficient for my family. We are pretty good about purging photos that are only marginally good. Thanks so much for this chance to win!!

  61. Picture Keeper sent me over! I have to say I’d need at least three PK16. But that is being greedy!!!! Lol. I take so many pictures and have them backed up in four different places!! But nothing as easy or amazing as picture keeper!!! Oh my I think I’d cry if I got one!!
    Thanks for this!!! I already like picture keeper but I’m certainly adding you to my like list now!! I’m really glad Picture Keeper sent me over to you!! So much to explore now!! Yeah!! 😉

  62. We have so many pictures…especially now that our older kids have cameras of their own–I would definitely need PK-16! Thanks for “spotlighting” this product!

  63. Wow, this product almost seems too good to be true! With a new baby about to join the family, this would be great to have.

    I clicked their “like” button on Facebook.

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