Picture Coloring Page

What kid doesn’t like looking at picture of themselves?   How much more fun is it to be able to use some crayons and color you own picture coloring page?   Well that is exactly what we are going to do today.   There is no special photo editing software to download or purchase.   You can do it on the free site Picnik.com.

custom coloring page


So go to Picnik and click on “upload a picture”.   Then choose the picture you want to work with.


2.   Once your picture is uploaded click on the “create” tab at the top of the page.   Then click on “effects” on the sub menu.   Under that there will be a side menu.   Click on “black & white,” then click apply.

photo coloring pages

3.   On that same side bar menu scroll down until you find “pencil sketch”.   Change the radius setting to 5, the strength to 200% and the fade to 30% or so.   You can adjust these. if when you print it out, it is too dark or light.   Then click “apply”.

photo coloring pages2



3. Click on the “save and share” tab at the top.   Name your picture and save it to your desktop.


4.   Open your word processing program and insert the custom photo coloring page file.   Size it to your liking and print it out on a black and white laser printer.   You can do an inkjet but being the left handed person I am I want to avoid smudges when I my kids color and the laser jet doesn’t bleed.

It looks darker on your screen but it will be lighter when you print it out.


5.   Give your kids some crayons, colored pencils or markers and let them color the page.   When colored it reminds me of an Andy Warhol pop art.

custom coloring page

If you do this once you just save the file and you can continue to print them out over and over again.

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  1. What a neat idea! My little one would love this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. great idea! Actually our family has a lot of little ones, so i’m thinking neat christmas gift to print out pics of family members and put them into a handmade coloring book for the kiddos! thanks for sharing the idea 🙂

  3. That is a lovely tutorial! I am working on a post and I am bookmarking this.

    I love your ideas. I had featured the gameboard art in one of my earlier posts. Here is a link to that.

  4. My kiddos did this today and LOVED it! (I will be posting their works of art to my blog shortly) Thanks for putting together this easy to follow tutorial. More importantly, thanks for helping me keep my kids occupied during spring break ; )

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