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I am a sucker for sweet sentiments, custom art, and meaningful decorations on my walls.  Which is probably evidenced by my family room gallery wall, Kayla’s gallery wall and my mudroom gallery wall.  Each of these spaces make me smile because it bring backs memories, sweet words spoken or moments of life captured. While I was content with Kayla’s room the way it was, there was one spot I wanted to add something, which was above the book rack in the doorway of her room.


So when I found a 16†x 16†floral canvas for $4 at Goodwill I knew the colors would go well in her space.  I considered leaving the canvas as is because it was pretty.  However I thought adding “beautiful baby girl†to it would be perfect.  “Beautiful Baby Girl†is my husband’s pet name for her.  Ever since Kayla was little whenever my husband comes home he will say “Where is my beautiful baby girl?â€Â  As a toddler Kayla would be hiding behind a table and squeal.  Now as a 6 year old she will just say “I am right here dad.â€

This was so easy to make I almost didn’t type up a tutorial.  Literally stick letters on and then paint over it.  Remove letters. The end.  But I do have some tricks that will make for perfect letters with no bleeding – which is the biggest complaint when people work with stencils.

tips for working with stencils


Silhouette Cameo with vinyl

transfer tape

Krylon Clear Sealer

Spray paint of your choice (I used Krylon Brass Metallic)

stick pin

1.  I designed “beautiful baby girl†in my Silhouette Studio program to fit perfectly on the canvas.  I had to cut out the vinyl in two pieces in order to fit.  I ran out of green which is why I used pink vinyl as well.

creating custom art for your walls

2.  I transferred the vinyl letters to the canvas with transfer tape.   If you don’t have a Silhouette machine Laura, from Say it on the Wall, can cut any saying you want pretty inexpensively.

custom vinyl stencil art

pet name custom art

3.  Now here is the key.  You have to seal the letters.  So make sure you press the letters down for a firm seal on the canvas.  Then give it a light coat of a clear sealer.  That way when bleeding occurs the clear sealer will bleed and not the paint color.

sealing a stencil

4.  Once dry then spray the entire canvas with the color of your choice.  I chose Krylon’s Brass Metallic. The key here is light coats one minute apart.  I gave it about 4 light coats to ensure great coverage.

gold custom art

5.  Tip #2 While still wet, remove the vinyl letters with a stick pin.  This will also help with no bleeding.  Your fingers might get paint on them but you will have prefect letters.

custon meaningful art

no bleeding stencil

Let it dry and hang.  Custom and meaningful art in less than an hour!

DIY custom art

I am loving the pattern and colors peeking through the letters.  I am glad I decided to do something custom with it instead of just hanging the painting on the wall.

gold custom art

custom art

To see more of Kayla’s room check out the full reveal…

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  1. Love your project. I do similar things on canvas using vinyl. I do have a little bleeding.
    I notice your Clear Spray is GLITTER. Is that what you actually used? I don’t want my surface glittery. Or maybe it isn’t actually glitter.

    Just checking. I want to try out the technique but want to make sure it’s not adding glitter to my project.


  2. Hey Becky, This is the clear sealer that is used to go on top of the glitter blast spray paint to help prevent the glitter from flaking off. It is what I had on hand since I love the glitter blast spray paint. It does not have any glitter in it.

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