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Hey there, everyone!  I’m Katie and I blog over at Addicted 2 DIY.  I am beyond excited to be here guest posting for Beckie today!  She was a huge inspiration for me when I started my own blog, so being here today is such an honor!  Some of my favorite projects are knockoff projects for my home, including this PB Kids-inspired personalized sports field sign.  I made it for my oldest son’s bedroom.  He loves sports, so I’ve been decorating his room with a sports theme in mind.

PB Kids Inspired Personalized Sports Field Sign

I happened to see this sign on PB Kids one day and loved it!  I didn’t see it anywhere as wall decor that they sell, but I knew it would be easy enough for me to replicate for my son’s bedroom.

Cameron Cabinet Hutch with Chalkboard Set


1×12″ pine board, cut to 40″ long

paint colors of your choice (I used everlasting and legacy chalky finish paint)

1″ foam paintbrushes


masking tape

220 grit sandpaper

pottery barn sign 1.  One thing that made this project so awesome is that it was basically free!  I happened to get lucky and had some scrap 3/4″ plywood that was the same width as a 1×12″ board, so I cut off a piece at 40″ long.

pottery barn sign tutorial

2.  I painted the board with a couple of coats of chalky finish paint.

pottery barn sign knockoff 2.  To mask of the borders, I measured and taped off the outside edge of the sign at 1″ thickness.  I then measured 3/4″ in from there and taped off that edge as well.  The tape I was using was just under 1″ in width, which was perfect for the scale of this project.

pottery barn kids sports3.  Once my borders were taped off, I designed my mask for the letters.

pb-kids-knockoff4. I used my Silhouette design studio to create the mask for my vinyl letters.  I sized and stretched the letters to fit into the space on the sign.  The font I used was Franklin Gothic Heavy.

pb kids sports sign 5.  I cut my letters out of vinyl and transferred them to the sign.

pottery barn kids sign knockoff 6.  I painted over the sign with chalky finish paint in legacy.  Once my paint was dry, I peeled all of the tape and vinyl off of the sign to reveal the white paint underneath.

pb kids knockoff tutorial 7.  I love distressing things, so after I peeled off the tape and vinyl, I grabbed some 220 grit sandpaper and lightly sanded the sign.  I vacuumed the dust off and wiped it clean with a damp paper towel.

pb kids tutorial

8.  To seal the sign, I brushed on some paste wax, then buffed it with a lint-free cloth.

pottery barn kids sports sign knockoff My son loves his new sign.  He and his little brother are super opinionated about what goes in their rooms, so to get his seal of approval is a big deal!  I decided to use our last name instead of his first name for this project.  It seemed to have a better ring to it than “Tyler Field.”  He’s got a TON of trophies from all of the sports he’s played over the years, and I’m thinking this sign goes perfectly in his room surrounded by them.  Now I need to make a second shelf for the rest of his trophies!

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