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I saw these adorable font art pieces at Uncommon Goods perfect for Mother’s Day.  The artist is Patricia Carlin and she has all sorts of cool stuff on there.  The ones I liked the best was the math equations showing the infinite love you have for your kiddos or grandkids.  They are super simple to make using the online program and would be a quick gift for Mother’s Day this weekend.  I also have a free printable to help you get started.

Infinite Joy Sign for Mother's Day Gift from Infarrantly Creative

1. I only made a mom and grandma one but they are simple enough to make yourself. Go to and upload one of the two images (mom or grandma).  Or you can start with a blank white canvas here and make your own. Note: The infinity sign is just the number 8 in Times New Roman font rotated on its side. grandma or mom printable2.  Next type (separately) all the names of the children you want to place. Go to Blender Tool / Text.  I used a size 55 font for the three or four names with the font Trebuchet MS.  You might have to adjust the size down if you have to fit more names.  Type all of your + signs too.  Then change the colors of everything.

3.  Use a square shape to line up all of your font to be spaced evenly. (Click on the Blender Tool / Sticker / Geometric / Square.  Then widen or lengthen it and then put it on the font you want to measure and you can adjust everything accordingly.

mothers day printable

See the example below of how to line it up.  Then remove the black ruler you made when you are done.

grandma printable

3.  Save it on the highest jpg setting and then upload it to the print shop of your choice.  Mine was $1.56 at Sam’s Club.

4.  Grab a frame and pop it in…instant, personal, amazing, Mother’s Day gift.

grandmother printable

mom math

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  1. Glad you like it, Heather. I’m really happy with how they both came out and can’t wait to give them as gifts!

  2. This is brilliant! Did this for my mom, too! Also, in Windows, the Alt key + 236 will give you the infinity symbol. Thanks for this idea!

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