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I have always wondered where people with chalkboards keep the chalk –  in a drawer, a baggie, on top of a shelf? One of the things that bugs me is when things don’t have a place in my house.  When things don’t have a place they end up missing.  I am notorious for not putting stuff back in its place unless the place makes sense to me.  So I have probably lost 5 dry erase markers in the last year because there wasn’t really a great place to store them.  So I decided to come up with an easy DIY solution to this problem by creating an DIY colorblocked pen holder.


If you are DIYer like me you save every useable scrap of wood. So this project might not even cost you a penny.


1†x 4â€

1†x 2â€

spray primer

Metallic Gold Spray paint


another coordinating color (I used Krylon Sea Glass)

3M Command Refill Strips, Clear

Miter Saw

Air Nail Gun

Wood Filler

Sanding sponge

Wood Glue

1.   Cut your 1†x 4†to a 3 1/2†square.  Next cut 2 pieces of your 1†x 2†to 3 1/2â€.  Cut another piece to 2â€.  I like to sand my pieces with a 3M sanding sponge at this point.


2.  Next use your wood glue to glue the bottom to the sides.  Once dry air nail it in place.


3.  Glue and air nail the front in place.


4.  Once dry prime your entire piece. Optional: Fill nail holes with wood filler.

5.  Paint as desired.  If you want to do the color blocking tape off an area with Scotch Blue tape (I used the Scotch Blue tape with plastic film) and then spray the rest gold.  Remove tape immediately.


colorblocked-pen-holder color-blocking

6.  Once dry use 3M Command refill strips on the back and stick it on the wall.  Then add your pens.



It is a super simple project to make but big on organization!


Vis-a-Vis markers are way better than Expo Markers if you ask me!  Here you can buy an 8 pack for $6.82 from Amazon.



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