Pottery Barn Inspired Schoolhouse Utility Boards

For years Pottery Barn Kids carried these adorable Schoolhouse Utility Boards perfect for a mudroom or a playroom to engage kids in art.  While they no longer sell them you can still make them and add some personality and fun to your playroom, homeschool classroom, bedroom or any other place in your home to add some fun kid elements to a space.  Plus the little houses are adorable and functional!

pottery barn craft paper holder chalkboard


pottery barn schoolhouse decor

Look close….can you tell the difference?


(image source Pottery Barn Kids)

Nope, we didn’t think so either.  These bad boys used to sell for $169 a piece each, so that would be a grand total of $676 for the four we made.  We had 4 of them for just under $75.  That is an awesome bargain.


Here’s where we started. We printed off the picture of the one from PB and tried to measure them to scale. If you don’t own a quilting ruler, go get one, they are so useful for more than fabric.


Knowing the size wood it comes in is helpful, it made it much easier to figure out the dimensions to make the most of what we needed to get.

We started with 7 sheets of 1/4″  2′ x 4′  MDF boards. Home Depot or Lowes will usually cut everything for you.  Two of the 2′ x 4′ boards were cut into 3″ x 4′ tall slats, one 2′ x 4′ sheet was for the house tops and the 4 remaining were for each house base. Each schoolhouse was 48″ high.

We made a pattern, traced them out and started cutting. All you need is a jigsaw, a drill, some nails, paint, adhesive and sandpaper to put these together.  Don’t be afraid to make yourself a template out of craft paper or newspaper.  Fold it in half and then cut your pattern so it is symmetrical on both sides.


We made the top portion of the house roofs 11″ high. The frames were cut at 3″ x  35″tall and 3″ by 24″ wide. We used some 1″ x 2″ trim moulding for the chalk tray at the bottom. It’s easier to be exact with the roof line by layering the top piece, gluing it to the main house and then cutting it exactly. Fewer cuts, nicer finish.


Each house was then either inlaid with dry erase board (you can use dry erase board paint too), cork board, or painted with chalkboard paint. We also found a roll of white craft paper to hang from a dowel that was held on by little corbels we made that attached to the base. You could also buy corbels if you would rather.  You can also find white craft paper rolls at IKEA for cheap.  A little Liquid Nails holds everything in place and spray adhesive worked great for the cork!  To hang the boards attach screw in metal d rings or circles. All these things can be found at your local craft and hardware store but I linked to Amazon (affiliate) so you can purchase easily there too.


Think outside the playroom.  You can also use one to display artwork, birthday invitations, school syllabuses, sports schedules or organize jewelry!


Kids will love these adorable little school houses with paper, dry erase or chalkboard for an instant drawing surface.



These were pretty fun to make and actually pretty easy but more importantly, our kids love em’! Plus our grand total was just over $75. That’s total….for 4!

pottery barn schoolhouse decor

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Originally guest posted in January of 2011 by the Crafty Sisters.