In my post about my custom paper bead earrings I mentioned a website called The creative beader and generous spirit behind that site is Janice from Aubrey’s Beads. She contacted me with gratitude for mentioning her site and wanted to send me a thank you gift. She sent me a HUGE BOX full of some paper beads and some of her creations and now she wants to offer one of my readers a $75 gift certificate to use at her stores: Aubrey’s Beads or Her creations and her use of color WOW me!

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What is more remarkable then a giveaway is her story:

“One evening I was chatting with my sister who lives in the Philippines about paper beads and how I was experimenting with them. She is not into crafting like myself so what happened after our conversation was totally unexpected. She told me that after she put the phone down she gathered magazines and glue and started to make paper beads and worked on them until 3 a.m! From that time on she did not stop and together with her husband and 20 other enterprising men and women they make beautiful paper beads in all shapes and sizes. I am amazed at the kind of work they do and the quality of the paper beads. I sell them in my small bead store in downtown Glendora and in my online shop: and I donate part of the proceeds to buying school supplies for children in the poorest area of the Philippines. Most of these kids go to school without notebooks, paper or pencils. Below, is our very first donation of school supplies which benefited 300 children.”

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Give a big welcome to Janice. She is also offering all IC readers 15% off at either store simply by mentioning Infarrantly Creative. Have confidence that when you purchase from her your money goes to help impoverished children in the Philippines. What a great cause!

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To enter the giveaway you gotta follow the rules…

1. You must be a follower to win.

2. You must visit both her Etsy store and Aubrey’s Beads and tell me how you’d spend $75 in her shops. Important: You have to be specific don’t tell me you like it all 🙂

3. The winner will be chosen on Monday. If you are the winner you have 24 hours to claim your prize by emailing me.

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  1. I couldn't get the Aubreys Beads website to work 🙁

    If I won the $75 I would buy the paper bead flower ring with the matching earrings. A pink paper and pearls and the white paper beads and crystals.

    Christmas is around the corner! My mom and grandma would be in love!

  2. Hi! I landed here from Living with Lindsay. I love your blog and would have been a follower even without the giveaway!

    Those paper beads are beautiful! and not expensive at all! I really love the OM Paper Bead Bracelet, and the Peace PB Necklace.

  3. I agree with Cindy – great prices for such pretty jewelry, and how awesome that they donate proceeds for school supplies! That was an enormous stack of notebooks in the picture…

    I would pick the anemone rings – both of them. 🙂 What a cool statement!

  4. Wow, that is some talent. I would choose the 8 paper beads necklace, or the hand knotted shell pearls.

    I don't own any pearls, and I don't think I can call myself a lady until I do!

  5. What a wonderful giveaway! I would use the $75 to buy a combination of my favorites: Desert Red Paper Bead Necklace (my absolute favorite!), the Crocheted Bangles (Sea Foam), and the Dangles Paper Bead Necklace. There are so many lovely pieces to choose from!

  6. How neat are her products! I like the sea anemone ring, paper bead flower and the plain and pearls necklace. I would keep a ring and give the others as gifts. My daughter would love one of the rings. Thanks, Amy

  7. As a total amateur paper beader I nearly keeled over when I saw Aubrey's website and etsy shop. So many nice things, far too difficult to choose from. I would split the $75 for some ready-made jewellery like the gorgeous dangles bead necklace and some materials to do it myself. I'd buy some strands of round medium size beads to make a necklace. And I would love to try out the bracelet kit for the bead ladder bracelet. In the etsy shop I particularly liked the encrusted bangle.

    What a fantastic story though – I really hope that the shop thrives and the workers in the Philippines make lots of money…

    Thanks for passing this on, Beckie!

  8. I knew before I even went looking (cuz I checked out her Etsy when you first mentioned her)…If I won $75 to her shops I'd put it towards the Paper Beaded Messenger Bag…it's $125 but soooo coool! I also like the Photo Charm Paper Bead necklace though…for $38…and I'd still be able to pick something else…oh…*sigh*

  9. This is an amazing giveaway, and an amazing shop! It's wonderful that she can help out the kids!

    As for my favorite, I would have to say the key fob! It's so unique! I'm always loosing my keys, so this would make it a lot simpler to find them! There are so many beautiful things on the site!!

    I am a follower through bloglines :)Thanks for a great blog!


  10. I'm pretty new to following your site, but I LOVE it! I have several of your posts starred for me to try 🙂

    I would never guess that so many of those are made from paper-beautiful!

    If I won, I would definitely get the "Mommy and Me" bracelet set for my aunt and uncle who just adopted their daughter from the Philippines. It would be a wonderful Christmas present for them both, plus once she gets older, I'm sure Kaylie would appreciate the wonderful story behind their bracelets.

  11. Paper Bead Roller Kit from etsy would be awesome!
    and from her other site:
    love the keshi flower earring kit
    rosary beads are perfect 4 my lil girls baptism. would get her birthstone!

  12. Well I already follow…and if I won, I really like the Paper Bead Encrusted's not the entire $75.00 but that's okay.


  13. Becki, Couldn't get up the Aubrey Beads to check out.

    I really love the white paper beads necklace and the desert red necklace they were awesome, so that is what I would choose

  14. I would love to own the Paper Beads and Gold Crystal Necklace, the True Orange Convertible Paper Bead Necklace, and the Little Black Dress Paper Bead Necklace. They are all beautiful!!!

    I visited both sites. The Aubreys Beads Site had trouble loading, but I am sure the things there were just a gorgeous as these.

  15. I love the rock candy paper beads bracelet. It is very cute. (Lisa likes it too! I could give it to my sister for her birthday!!) I would also like the paper bead rolling kit so I can try it myself.

  16. I am a follower. As much as I loved all the jewelery 🙂 I would purchase the pre-made beads and the paper bead rolling kit that was at the etsy store. My 4 girls would be in heaven with that stuff. I did love the big hoop earrings too (and the fact she described them as hollywood. i would feel so glamorous) and the black dress necklace and bracelet.

  17. Ah Beck! You find the most talented people ever! Or they find you (he he) Anyway, I love the blush paper bead ladder bracelet at her etsy store and the douglas paper bed necklas at Aubrey's Beads…so cute and versatile…

    Love the story behind these beads and I am "bookmarking" the site for some Christmas gifts….

    Thanks Beck…

  18. What a great story she has to share! It must be such a blessing those kids to receive gifts that most of us take for granted… but as a teacher, I can especially appreciate their efforts to help kids through school.

    I love the Beaded Key Fob and the Turtle Bead Book Mark from the Etsy site. I also would get the paper bead ladder bracelet kit, and the Earth Awareness paper bead bracelet kit.

    Haven't tried to make my own beads yet… maybe someday 🙂

  19. If I had $75 to spend in her store I'd have such a field day of joy!! Wow, love her beads and her story of her and her sister, I've been a follower and so thankful for your blog. Specifically I would the rock candy bracelet, the ice candy necklace, but I also love the croceht beads with wire wrapped glass pendant!

  20. These are gorgeous! I love the ladder bracelet, the crochet bracelet with matching earrings and the set of seed beads. I can't believe these are made of paper, she is amazing!!
    What great Christmas gifts these would make!
    (I'm a follower)

  21. I remember making these beads when I was a little girl!!

    I like the white tone 8 mm beads and the 8 paper beads necklace!!


  22. Very pretty beads. I have already bookmarked her site. If I won your giveaway I think I would buy her "kits" to make your own beads and jewelry. I think that would be fun to try. I also would buy some of her beads to make a clip for Hadley's new hat, and maybe one of her cute bracelets as a gift for me. 🙂

  23. -celestial sun paper bead bookmark
    -Earth Awareness Bracelet in silver
    -Crocheted Bangles (Sea Foam)
    -Bracelet watch from Aubrey's Beads-the aqua colored one.

    I made a list:) What beautiful jewelry! I'm a follower.

  24. Im a follower.

    I would buy a bunch of mixed paper beads and some yellow, pink, white, hour glass shaped beads and diamond shaped ones. I like variety. I also like the Dangles Paper Bead Necklace.

    — Chelsea

  25. Oh my – I just went crazy in the Etsy shop! I would buy the Tropical Tint paper Goblet Necklette, the 144 paper seed beads so that I could create my own jewlery, the paper bead eyeglass holder, the 8 paper bead necklace, the white paper beads and the cranberry strands. Not sure if I'd owe or still have money to spend… wouldn't matter either way! Thanks, Becky!!

  26. love the beads would make great MTO thank you crafts with them. 🙂 but really leaving a comment to ask you if you had a sewing machine I could borrow to make my kids halloween costumes? I seem to have misplaced mine. LOL 🙂

  27. My very favorite is the Om bracelet. I also really like the blush bead ladder bracelet. I am amazed at her work!

  28. I am a follower (although I am not crafty at all:)) and I love the Small Paper Beads and Wire Wrapped Dichroic Glass Necklace and the encrusted Bangle. Beautiful!

    Nicole W.

  29. My favorites are the Fly Me to the Moon bracelet, red flowers necklace set, and the bracelet watch by Lillian Chen. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Such amazing work and an even better story! Thanks for sharing. I found it very hard to choose from all the beautiful things she makes. My favorite from her site was the photo charm necklace and from her etsy store, the 8 paper bead necklace, mermaids cuff an paper bead bangle – so colorful and fun!

  31. Jewelry?! ::DROOL:: Any jewelry that involves the word "encrusted" (like the Paper Bead Encrusted Bangle) sounds about right! LOL Definitely a couple Paper Bead Roller Kits, to use with my mom. And the Mermaid's Cuff? You had me at "mermaid." I kind of like the Twisted Leather Paper Beads Necklace set too, but it's very tempting just to get a bunch of paper beads to make something of my own!

  32. Well, I'm a little torn! I would really like to use the GC on the bulk beads. I could buy a whole bunch and then make my own necklaces and stuff with them, but then I just fell in love with the Desert Red Paper Bead necklace, so I might have to get that. It is stunning! If I get that then I will buy several strands and the rolling kit so that I can have a necklace and the tools to create my own!

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