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This paper apple I made for Kayla’s teacher is rather large.  However, you could also shrink it down by finding an apple image online and make some  fall tablescape namecards.  I used some of the patterned paper from the Heidi Swapp Minc Collection and ran them though my Minc machine with red foil on top. The end result is stunning when the light hits it and you can see the bling shine.



Heidi Swapp Minc Machine

Heidi Swapp red and green foil

Heidi Swapp pattern paper collection (chose 12 sheets)

Apple template / Leaf Template

Double Side Adhesive

Small branch

Hot Glue gun


1.  Start by cutting out your apple template and then tracing that onto the Heidi Swapp Minc papers.  Cut out 12 apples.

paper apple

paper apple template


2.  Once they are all cut out send each apple (covered in red foil) through the Minc machine.

minc apple project


3.  Fold the apple papers in half with the foiled side on the inside.

apple paper gift


4.  Next adhere the back right side of one of the apples to the back side of the next left apple using double sided adhesive.  Continue adhering all 12 apples in the same way.  Then adhere the first and last apple together.  It will form an adorable patterned paper apple.

apple paper stack


5.  Find a stick in nature and hot glue it inside the papers.  Cut the stick to the appropriate size.

minc apple


6.  Print and cut out your leaf template.  Optional: I actually added white letters onto the black leaves first (with an editing program) with my daughter’s teacher’s name.


7.  Send each of the leaves through the Minc machine with green foil on top.

minc foiled apple

green foil leaf


8.  Adhere the leaves to each other so it become double sided.

paper apple teachers gift


9.  Next using double sided adhesive or a glue dot adhere the leaf in place.

patterned paper apple


Super cute sitting on a teacher’s desk or shelf…

minc machine paper foil apple


When the light bounces off the foiled pattern is so pretty.

color foil paper apple

paper apple

The Minc is available for purchase at Amazon or your favorite local hobby store.  It retails for $149.99.  Save your coupons to knock the price down.


Disclosure: This is a repost from August 2015 and contains affiliate links. If you use the links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

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