I am absolutely in love with this project from the East Coast Creative girls! I have never really spent money or time outside until this summer. I have a whole bunch of outdoor projects on my list this year and adding pops of color is a must. Spray paint is a miracle worker don’t you think? Taking plastic planting pots and a few cans of spray paint you can create these same color block planters yourself. Take it away Monica…

Hey, It’s Monica from East Coast Creative. Have you ever noticed how incredibly expensive planters are? For about $40 I could get one itty bitty planter, that’s not even cute. No thanks. I decided I would DIY planters that would work perfectly with my new painted door and rockin’ house numbers. I didn’t want anything too frilly or girly. I wanted the style inside my house, reflected on the outside too! This project cost me $20 each, was incredibly simple, and totally fits my style.



  • Plastic planters (mine were from Target)
  • 2 colors of spray paint
  • 1 color of latex paint
  • Dirt, Mulch, Plants, Etc. 

I started with these plain Jane planters from Target. You can’t really tell how big they are, but they’re pretty big (I can’t wrap my arms around the top of the large one- I tried, so that gives you an idea and a weird mental picture). They cost $7 for the medium and $13 for the extra large.

The first step was to spray paint the middle color. I used Valspar’s grey primer because I love the color.

You don’t need to worry about the top or bottom at all.  Just get a nice, even coat on the middle.  I did two light coats on mine.

I painted the top color block with the same color I recently used on my front door.  I’m a bit obsessed with it.  I didn’t need to tape for a clean line, because the planter had a lip that I was able to use as a guide.  Also, make sure you paint down pretty far on the inside.  I’m assuming your house guests will be taller than the planters, so they’ll get a peek down inside.

The next step, made this DIYer do the dance of joy (remember Perfect Strangers?) because it saved me so much time!  I used a paint can opener to pop the bottom off the planters.  I’ll warn you, it will sound like you’re breaking them, but you’re not! They’ll pop right back on when you’re done painting them.

Taking the bottom off, meant no need for tape or cutting in.  Just spray paint the bottom whatever color you’d like.  Put the pieces all together and you’re left with cool, color block planters.

They’re nice like that, but I wanted to take it up a notch! I wanted some height, so I stacked them up.  I didn’t do any permanent attaching or anything, just fill the bottom with dirt, plant your flowers, add the next planter, and repeat.

Again, remember the angle people will see them from when they walk in… mulch is a must.  No one wants to see this…

I used white wave petunias on the bottom and a boxwood on top.

Here was my porch a few weeks ago.  It was a sad situation… trust me, I know!

Take a look now!

I think it’s just a tad more welcoming don’t you?

For a grand total of $40 and about an hour, I got two color block, tiered planters that perfectly match my style and house colors.   (You can see the door and house numbers Here)

The only question now is, “When are you going to make yours?”

**Since my mom loved my planters, she kind of hinted around to wanting one of her own.  Here’s what she got for Mother’s Day this past weekend! Black and Red to match her house!

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  1. I love this! Monica is Right Planters are so expensive. We shelled out some major bucks for the ones on our front porch and they are not even stone they are still some sort of composite. Great idea and awesome front entry colors. I love it all! Lesley

  2. Wow! These planters look amazing and provide such a great pop of colour on the porch. I think the hardest part for me would be choosing a colour 🙂 We have a black front door so there’s lots of room to experiment.

    Thank you, Beckie for all the amazing projects you share and the fellow bloggers that you feature! I always enjoy when my Google Reader shows that there’s a new IC Post 🙂

  3. In the after picture I noticed a black “rug”. Is this a rug or did you paint it to the cement? It looks awesome

  4. I “liked” them until I got to your mom’s, and WOW-I LOVE those red ones. No offense, but I lived in a house with “original” chartreuse in my kitchen, so I’m not a huge fan. I may come around, but red rocks!

  5. Ha! I’m glad the Red turned you from a liker into a lover! 🙂 I hear you on the chartreuse… if I had it forced on me I probably wouldn’t like it as much as I do when I can choose it! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  6. Very cool idea! That is one huge difference it makes on her porch, and the yellow is so fun. Spray paint rules.

  7. These are so great! I’ve been looking for a cheap planter for my front porch and had decided there wasn’t such a thing. I’ll be getting some pots and some paint ASAP! One question, what direction does your house face? I’d love to plant a boxwood like that, but I’m wondering how it will do in shade all day.

  8. Saw the link to this on Pinterest and decided to try it out at our house. The planters were fun to make and turned out so cute. We even used the same color green for the planters and door. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your creative idea with us. (Now I just need to keep the plants in my new planters from dying…)

  9. Every time i have painted plastic pots, the paint doesn’t stay on long, unlike terra cotta pots. Is there a trick to getting the paint to stay on? Thk u 🙂

  10. Hi Mel, You have to use primer. Also, anything outdoors eventually wears due to the extreme temperatures. If it peels though, it is because you need to prime first. I hope that helps.

  11. Hi! I am trying to do this project for a Christmas present and it’s turning into a disaster. I bought the Valspar Grey Primer as well and it says it is used on plastics. Well, I can just barely touch the pot and it scrapes right off. Was I supposed to sand it down first? At this point, can I spray over it with regular spray paint or do you think I need to sand off the chipping primer all together? I also found a similar green color to do the tops but it is regular acrylic paint. Is that okay? Thanks in advance!

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