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Hello friends.   I created a little video for you today making some Paint Chip Purse Notepads.   They make a nice little gift to tell someone you were thinking of them.   They are made out of recycled paint chips so they are very cheap to make.


If you don’t want to use paint samples you can always use regular cardstock.



Behr Paint Chip or 5” x 6” cardstock
Paper Trimmer with Scorer Blade
Small Hole Punch
1/4” ribbon
Double Sided Adhesive
Exacto Knife
Self-Healing Mat
Post It Notes
Straight Edge


1.   Using a Behr paint chip or a 5” x 6” piece of cardstock score the long side 3 6/8”, 3 1/2”, 1 1/8”, and 7/8”.   Fold at lines.

2.   Cut the sides at an angle to form a purse shape.

3.   Hole punch the top of your purse with two holes for the purse handle using a small punch.   Hole punch in the middle of the bottom of your purse for the brad.   You will have to eyeball this to figure it out.   Insert the brad and fold the prongs back..

4.   Using 1/4” ribbon attach your purse handle.   Double knot the ends so it stays in place.

5.   Grab a small stack of post it notes.   Make sure the sticky part is at the bottom of your purse.   Using an Exacto knife, self-healing mat and a straight edge trim the top of the post-its.   Then trim the sides at a slight angle (like your base).

6.   Using double sided adhesive (I used Sticky Thumb) adhere the post it notes to the inside base.   Close it and you are done.   You have a cute little notepad to give a friend now.


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  1. These are super cute, Beckie! I love the idea of using the paint chips. Very creative!

  2. I love this craft. Your video was great. That's a super way of doing a tutorial. You're a good mom to make all of those for your daughter's class for Valentine's Day.

  3. I love seeing the ideas everyone comes up with using paint chips;) Theyre perfect b/c theyre so colorful:)Great job! These are really cute.

  4. Really geat idea! No joike we visited Home Depot yesterday and picked up all sorts of paint chips for an upcoming project! That's kind of scary! I bet the kids loved them!

  5. These are great! What a perfect way to give a gift card as a present!! A definite two for one gift… hmm but I just don't think my boys would really appreciate it! LOL

    Any ideas on a way to give a gift card to a 17 year old boy? I thought about presenting him a gift card to Chipotle's in a Chipotle bowl w/ shredded green paper and jelly bellys. Any ideas would be appreciated!! His birthday is Thursday but we are having the major celebration on Saturday due to sports practice and school obligations. (This is the kid who just last night said what he would like for a present and his meal!!)

  6. I haven't watched the video yet but I'm so excited….we just bought a bunch of paint for various rooms over the weekend (I am going to try spray-painting that chandelier finally too!!) and I have a ton of paint chips left over. Yay:)

  7. Beckie that is freaking adorable. Not just because I am a purse WHORE.. HA HA HA… OK' HOARDER.. but because my little 5 year old daughter is so girly and would love these. These would of been great party favors at her Purse Party when she turned "3" bummer! Oh' well! Great video tutorial. Thanks, Jen

  8. These are just adorable and so, so creative and FUN! Thanks so much for taking the time to do the tutorial. Great idea and the best part, they will be loved by recipients from 4 to 84! Few crafts can do that!

  9. Great job on the video – what a cute idea! These would be a cute way to gift a pair of earrings – perfect size for those earring cards.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Nice tutorial Beckie! That is a clever idea…would be perfect for a favor for a sleepover or girl's night out too…

  11. these are super cute i am going to pick up some paint chips the next time i'm at the store and try to make some of these to give as gifts to friends and my daughter's teachers.

  12. Beckie, those are absolutely adorable!!! They'd be a hit at a girl's bday party or a mom/women's event. Love! 🙂

  13. Brilliant! Have I used that word here before…I am running out of adjectives for almost every single project you post girl! My girls would LOVE these!

  14. These are so, so sweet! What a clever idea. 🙂 Are you recovered from all of your trips?

  15. Ok, so naive question – do you just pick up the paint chip cards at the store or actually ask if they have a bunch you can take? Just curious.

  16. Michelle. Yep I sure do just walk in there. They are free and they don't care if you take some.

  17. Such a cute idea! I love your paper trimmer. What kind is it? And where did you get it? Thanks

  18. Hi! I would love to try this, but couldn’t find the video. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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