My 2007 Birthday List

I am going to be 30 in 9 days. Ugh so dreadful! On a brighter note….Here is my 2nd annual birthday list. Since my love language is receiving gifts and ya’ll love me so much I figured I would make your life easier and send you my list of stuff I want for my birthday. {…Read More…}

My Latest Endeavor

This is what my dresser looks like now. I am in the middle of refinishing my bedroom furniture. I have had it since I was a child and want to keep it but it has gotten all jacked up from the 10 times we have moved in the last 9 years. But it is a {…Read More…}

Mommy and Me

Two feet, too sweet! Mommy and me playing in the water fountain.

Growth Charts

You know how you go to your well baby checks and they tell you what percentile your child is in? You hear something like the 95th percentile (like I did) and all the sudden you feel like your child got an A on his exam? When in all reality it doesn’t really matter. All babies {…Read More…}