Do you know how hard it is to find outdoor pillows in the end of the July? I have looked everywhere and they are gone. So then I thought I would make them. So I went to Joann Fabrics and they had some cute outdoor fabric. But it was $16.99 a yard! I don’t think so.

So then my wheels got a turnin’. I have shared before that my friends save random things for me that most people would throw in the garbage. They say, “Oh Beckie I found a half-chewed piece of caramel…surely you can make something out of it!” Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. So my friend Lisa asked me if I wanted a table umbrella that didn’t work because the wood base had expanded and the wood would not fit back together again. I say, “Sure why not.” In my mind I am thinking I can sand the wood down and make it fit back into place again.

Well after we built our deck I realized that I don’t need the umbrella because we get afternoon and evening shade (which would be the only times we would need an umbrella around the table). But we do need pillows. So what do I do? Cut the whole thing apart and make some pillows.

I had purchased 6 pillows at a yard sale for $2 that I planned on using somewhere. So I took 3 of those and recovered them in the umbrella fabric.

They were 12″ x 16″ pillows so I cut a piece of the umbrella fabric 24″ x 17″ and folded it in half.

I stitched around 2 1/2 sides and left about an 8″ opening.

Then I squished the pillow inside the pillow casing.

and tucked under the edges and sewed it shut.

It gave me a tiny bit of color. The colors are red, green, brown, and khaki. It works for now and it only cost me $1.

I bought the little side table for $9 at Target on 75% off clearance making it $9. The verdict is still out on whether I like it or not.

I took the leftover umbrella fabric and tucked the table legs in the holes where the umbrella arms went and made a little table skirt.

I am pretty sure hubby is going to veto it when he comes home. He isn’t a big fan of skirts on furniture. But I will enjoy it for an hour before he arrives.

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  1. Perfect re-use!! And I think your DH will, in fact, love that table skirt … it's very chic and gives a bunch of color/texture to that little corner without looking "foo-foo".
    Way to be!

  2. I love the pillows – great job recycling!!! Can't wait to see what you'll do with the umbrella frame… 😉

  3. Outdoor fabric: Is that price with the coupon!?!
    About the table
    1. I love your reuse skills!
    2. I don't typically like skirted tables for my own tastes
    3. I do like that skirted table because it adds a lot to the overall look of a sparse area – rather than being a frou-frou object in a frou-frou room.
    4. I LOVE that you thought to use the umbrella arm pockets on the legs!!!
    5. I like the stripes as a starting point. They seem to me to be a modern take on typical English garden colors. But that's mostly because on my screen it appears to have a pale green and pale pink stripe in there too. Anyway, it's got red and shades of tan/brown so I'm sure you'll find great stuff to go in there.

  4. Who would have guessed….

    Becki, only you would have come up with that idea of the umbrella… no surprise there.


  5. Clever, clever! I love the way your creative brain thinks…we think a lot alike. Love the way the stripes look on the couch and add some color. I like the skirt…maybe he will too? Have a wonderful time enjoying your time sitting outside with your beautiful deck!


  6. So who's this outdoor furniture guy I've been reading about? I'm in Indiana…way north but if the deal is worth it…

  7. Very clever idea and the pillows look so nice.

    I love your blog and you are very creative.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment 🙂


  8. Great job! If your husband is like mine, he probably won't even notice you did anything different for weeks!

    Since you asked, I'm in Chicago.

  9. I think it looks fabulous and keep the table skirted…it looks great and ties it all together. Too heck with what hubs thinks

  10. That looks really, really great! I have the same struggle with purchasing outdoor fabric; too expensive and too hard to catch them on clearance. I'll add "broken umbrella" to my list of things to scout for on garbage days. You are fantastically frugal! Now, do you have a designated spot for crap that people give you until you use it?

  11. Love it! I wish I could look at things and immediately come up with ideas how to repurpose stuff.

  12. Very nice Beckie!! Next time I have something to give you, I will check what you are going to remake it into before handing it over in case I like the new creation!! Haha…so glad you were able to make it work.

  13. Fantastic idea and they came out great! If he vetos the table skirt you can always make more pillows.

  14. Wow you have some great Sewing techniques! For some reason each time I par take in a sewing project, I am unable to get such a neat project completed.

  15. What a clever one you are! Aren't those the best moments when an idea comes to you and not only is it perfect but it's cheap!! I think they look amazing!

  16. Gosh Beckie! I love that idea, I would of been your friend giving you the umbrella and saying I don't know what to do besides throw it away! My wheels are always in park! I just love your outside-soooooo pretty!

  17. Hello ~
    Thanks for visiting my blog….I just love yours….love what you did with the umbrella fabric – that is being very very creative !
    I have been looking at pillows -gently used – to recover…I also have been looking for foam padding – for chairs and such ,because have you priced foam ?? It is crazy priced – so I am so with you on re-purposing things ! I added my name to follow – cuz you go style, sista !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  18. You're so resourceful! Love it! Your outdoor area looks so inviting. I bet you enjoy it so much!

  19. Oh yea, honey! Absolutely clever and ingenius! Wowzer!

    Ok Ok….now I gotta say my mom thangs—–Don't forget to bring those beautiful pillows and table in the house when you leave on vacations. A good wind or storm could blow them into the next subdivision. 😉

  20. I LOVE IT (said in a high sing- song voice reverberating throughout Johnson County)!!!!!! I love using alternative stuff for new things. Great idea!

  21. Oh, this is brilliant. What could be more weather-resistant than the fabric from an umbrella? Great job!!

  22. I think you're a genius. Table legs in the umbrella slots? Brillant. Love how the pillows look on the furniture.

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