Hello happy people!  Have you enjoyed your summer so far?  I know I have. With an inground pool in our backyard, it is pretty darn hard not to enjoy summer.  We also have a massive deck in the backyard. I know, I know, we have the perfect party yard.  Ours has 4 different spaces.  In one of the spaces, there was this little bench area that was begging for an outdoor table.  So I decided to build one that would be a perfect fit for this space.

I used my girls’ Shanty 2 Chic plans for their outdoor table and their outdoor bench.  I altered it a bit.  I had to make it narrower because of the space I had. This table is only 5’ wide rather than 6’ 3†like the original plan is.


So my tabletop boards are 56 7/8†wide.  Then my edge boards are 33†and 60â€.  I didn’t miter the edges either.  I just butt them up to each other to build the frame and screwed them into each other from the outside.

I also didn’t leave spaces between the boards on the tabletop.  So my tabletop is 60†wide by 36†deep.


Lastly, I opted to not create the x in the middle of the table or the bench.  I felt like with me making it smaller the X would be too busy.  It was a fairly easy build and cost me about $70 with the bench.


I finished it with Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil in Walnut. I loved this product and the color!


I liked the fact that it was a one coat process that penetrated the wood rather than just sat on top of the wood like a lot of outdoor products do. Look at how it protects the wood from the elements.  The water just beads up – a sign that your wood is protected!


Anywho… I decided to spray it on with my Home Right Finish Max to make it go on fast.


However, I did back brush it to make sure I got an even coat and cleaned up drips.  Of course, spraying it isn’t necessary. I was really impressed by how the brush marks disappear and leave a great perfect finish.  And I absolutely love the Walnut color.  Yum!


After about 15 minutes of allowing the product to penetrate I came back with an old t-shirt and wiped it dry.  You don’t want to let the product sit too long or it will be tacky and take forever to dry.


After about 6 hours I moved it back into place and swooned.


While I don’t love the light browny orange stain on my deck (that is gonna be a big expensive project!) I love the contrast between the two woods.  And clearly the table makes the deck look out of place.  It is so beautiful!


As you can see to the left we have a grill and a little outdoor area for food prep.  So having a table right there is perfect for al fresco dining.  You can just grill and then serve.


I love having family dinners out here!


This post was sponsored by Thompson’s WaterSeal.  All opinions, hard work, and sweat to build the table belong to me.


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