Well I took the plunge. I started the kitchen makeover. I took the cabinet doors off and started caulking the moulding my father-in-love hung for me. Then I cleaned, sanded, primered, painted and then scuffed and buffed.

Here it is with just the primer on it. Doesn’t it look better already? I decided to go black. This is my inspiration picture from the Magic Brush (the first picture). She is a faux painter that does fabulous work, check her out. I have been emailing her back and forth for advice and I think I have quite a project ahead of me. It will be worth it in the end, right? Please remind me of that when I am ready to pull my hair out.

And just for kicks and giggles (as my mother says) I decided that my hammer is ugly…

and it needed a makeover…

Now my husband won’t steal my hammer. Ok… in reality he never steals any of my craft supplies. In fact, he avoids my studio at all costs and especially hates my creativity when we move houses and he has to move 10,000 boxes from my studio alone.

Alrighty roo, well I am back in the kitchen. Hugs!

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  1. HA HA HA HA!!!! The randomness of the hammer had me ROLLING!!! Sooo funnny. Love ya Beck!

    p.s I Would soooo make over my hammer too just like that πŸ˜‰

  2. I Think you should leave them primer white πŸ˜€ So puurty.

    I’m just sayin’

  3. love the hammer! everything should be fabulous right? the finish on those cupboards is great, kinda distressed. looks like a lot of work, but i think it will be SO worth it in the end! good luck!

  4. I love the black! Are you going straight black or doing the ‘rub’???

    I wish I would of thought of making MY hammer pretty because my husband borrowed mine and now I can’t find it. Typical.

    I’ll make one for you, by the way! You prefer black/white/red combo or a sage/purple/gold?

  5. Hey Becky, I’m in LOVE with your hammer! I’m going to make one like that for me, very very soon.

    I’ve been working on my kitchen redo — slow and steady like the tortoise — since the week after Christmas. We removed our upper cabinets on one side of the room, and painted the rest black. And, yes, it seemed to take for-EV-er to do all the doors, because I wanted to leave lots of drying/curing time between coats, and it takes much longer in the winter than when it’s burn-your-butt hot here in the Bakersfield desert.

    The cabinets are finally all painted, all but 4 doors are back on (we’re still installing custom drawers and a large rolling unit in the pantry), and next week the old ceramic tile comes out and gets replaced by gorgeous white marble, a new black sink, and a black glass cooktop. Plus a black granite raised bar and some more nifty stuff. We’re loving it, and I’m sure you will, too.

    C’mon by and see my before and during pics, and the pics of the little Nester project I did in one corner of the breakfast room.

    Enjoy your painting, take all the time you need, and keep living your life while the kitchen’s in progress. Your little guy is just too cute to ignore when he wants Mommy’s attention :o)

    Auction Girl Vintage

  6. I am so doing this to my hammer. Dh keeps swiping it even though he has his own! Maybe if I make it girly he won’t want to use it and will actually get up and look for HIS.
    You are hilarious! Can’t wait to see the kitchen makeover.

  7. I’m so excited about your kitchen makeover!! We are likely going to paint our kitchen island red. I will be sure to post about that!

    However, I think you have a great idea with the hammer! You could market that one!!

  8. You are SOOO cute! I love love love your hammer. Even my husband giggled at that one. Hee hee! And the cabinets… fab! This is a project on my list, but I’m scared to get started. You totally get to be my inspiration, so… congrats to you! πŸ™‚


  9. I love the hammer !!! too cute !!!

    Black is going to look great: very classy πŸ˜‰

    Hope you are all fine !!!

  10. I cannot believe the difference already!! You are going to LOVE it! That hammer is fab — my husband has never touched my hammer, I can safely say. πŸ™‚

  11. Well, duh – why didn’t I think of your hammer idea? I have a teen-age boy who steals my tools – got any ideas? (Teenage boys think pink is cool these days!)

  12. Lookin’ good girlie! I’m impressed that you are taking your kitchen on. The crown moulding at the top…..what a difference! Good job-

  13. I just got around to checking your crafts out and I gotta say: I LOVE THEM!!!! You are so good at this stuff! Do you sell anything, cause you should…especially the hammer!!! So inspiring!

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