I got the original idea here. I tweaked it a bit so I made my own tutorial. Thank you Mary Kalwite for the inspiration.

1. Buy some stretchy lace. Mine is probably 1/2″ wide and I believe 14 inches long. You can make it longer to accommodate an older child’s head if you want.

2. Next I used ironable velcro. Since baby girl’s head will increase in size rapidly the first year I wanted something that could tighten and loosen to fit her. The iron on stuff works perfectly but you could sew the regular stuff on too – more power to ya.

3. I burned the edges of the lace to seal it. Then I ironed a small piece of the furry velcro part onto the end of the backside of the lace.

4. On the correct size of the lace I ironed a longer piece of the tooth part of the velcro on it so I can size it to her head. (You want the tooth side to face out so hair doesn’t get stuck in it).

5. Next I took some satin ribbon and folded it around the lace and then took my hot glue gun and ironed it to the other side of the ribbon. I did not glue it to the actual lace therefore this ribbon piece moves up and down on the elastic. This way I can put the bow in the front of her head or the side of her head by moving the ribbon along the lace.

Front view of ribbon

6. I then took one of the fabulous clippies I made and clipped the clippie into the ribbon casing. You can change the clippies to match any outfit.

And the beautiful baby girl modeling it for you! (Dontcha love that spiky hair?)

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  1. awwww! My sweet baby. I love how you are making her a “girlie, girl” I sooooo approve ;D

  2. IS SHE P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S OR WHAT?!?!?

    I want to sop her up with a biscuit (in a southern voice. 😉

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO…I can’t wait to get my hands on dat kid!


  3. So crafty~So Cute…can’t wait to bring you over a meal and give her the WAY cool gift we got her…not as cool as Stacy A’s gift!!! So little ~ So loved!

  4. What a doll. Can she get any cuter? Ok now I have to make some of these for Hadley I love the sliding bow. Great Idea.

    PS I think i got my W.V. turned off. Thanks for letting me know it was there.

  5. Look at your sweet baby! She’s just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the tutorial(s) as well. I’m definitely bookmarking this one!

    I just found your blog last week and I’ve had so much fun looking through all your projects that I started my own UFO project series (UFO, being Un-finished Object) Thanks for sharing so much talent!

  6. Girl, you KNOW you are loving this daughter thing.

    And to think…first time around y’all prayed it wouldn’t be a girl. Shame on you. God said, “HA!” And I love it.

  7. That looks great! Your barrettes look professional! I got some from Target over the summer that look just like that.

  8. Iam having a hard time finding the stretch ribbon. Can you buy iton line? If so where?
    Thanks Debbie

  9. Debbie I got mine at Joann’s. It is actually stretchable lace not ribbon. You can buy it online email me and I will send you some resources.

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