Newbie in Town

Hello peeps! I have great news. It is super, fantastic, amazing news!

After 20 months on the market my mom and step dad sold their house in Atlanta and have moved here! She is now a 10-minute drive away from me. So this week the moving trucks came and unloaded all their stuff and they are officially moved in.

They are buried in boxes but they are in the same town. Yippeee!!! Free babysitting….SCORE! Plus my mom is a semi pack rat so she is unloading all her “extras” on me. YEAH, free stuff!
So I have been helping her make sense of her new surroundings and helping to unload and shift things around. I also have been reminding her that six crock pots is too many, and when she isn’t looking I toss one in the “giveaway” pile. Fun! Fun!

I have not lived near my mom in 14 years. Then the grandbabies came along and she wanted to be closer. Those of you who have family close by know what a blessing it is to have that support. I am super thrilled and blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Congrats! I wish my mom lived closer, but she is only 40 min. away… Not too bad.

  2. I can see where you got your good looks from. Two beautiful ladies 🙂 Also it is nice to get some free babysitting once in awhile. Luckily my mom doesn't live too far from me.

  3. That is awesome news!

  4. Isabella & Max Rooms says:

    What a great event!! It is so helpful and wonderful to have famiy nearby!

  5. Isabella & Max Rooms says:

    What a great event!! It is so helpful and wonderful to have famiy nearby!

  6. Isabella & Max Rooms says:

    What a great event!! It is so helpful and wonderful to have famiy nearby!

  7. Isabella & Max Rooms says:

    What a great event!! It is so helpful and wonderful to have famiy nearby!

  8. That's awesome news! I'm happy for both of you!

    pk @ Room Remix

  9. momof4boys says:

    wow! That is so cool! It is definately reason for a celebration! I'm sure you've done that! My mother lives on the other side of the world. If she ever lived near enough to me to see at least once a week, I think I would celebrate for the rest of my life!!!

  10. Just wanted to share…I have an award for you on my blog

    thanks for inspiring me!

  11. Empty Nest Full Life says:

    How beautiful the two of you look and I can tell this will probably mean many new projects to show us in the near future. Jackie

  12. You and your mom are both beautiful ladies. I am so happy for you and glad that you recognize what you have in your mom. Moms are so special!~Lanie

  13. HOw great to have your mom close by. My mom is just 30 minutes but sometimes it feels like hours.

    Also 6 crock-pots are NOT too many. I use crock-pots all the time and usually have several going. But maybe 6 is a lot for just 2. Then on the other hand she is going to be babysitting a lot, right?

  14. Yippee! Finally! You're one lucky girl….I so wish my mom was 10 minutes away!

  15. congrats!! i wish my dad lived by me. Enjoy the free babysitting.

  16. ilovemy5kids says:

    Wow! What a neat adventure for both of you! I can say, I am jealous…my nearest family is 10 hours away….

    What BIG fun you will have!

    Blessings to you,
    lana @ ilovemy5kids

  17. Lucky you. You never said a word and I couldn't be happier for both you and your mom.

  18. Beautiful photo of you and your mom. Cherish your times – they go way too fast. Free babysitting rocks! My mom lived two blocks away when my 2nd daughter was born. Awesome!! My mom passed away in 2004 and I miss her horribly. But, those awesome memories of when she took care of me and my kids are always there! Enjoy your time to the fullest!!

  19. Sherri @ Luv a Bargain says:

    Yea!! I am so happy you have your mom near you. (and a little jealous) My mom is in NC and I'm in NH. Way to far! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  20. I am so happy for you. It actually brought tears to my eyes. We live 300 miles from our family and I can't even imagine the happiness of having them move to be by us. May you and your parents be blessed by this loving act on their part!

  21. That is awesome, Beckie! I did not even know their house had finally sold. I know you must be thrilled. 🙂

  22. Mod Podge Amy says:

    That's awesome! My mom is across the country.

  23. yaaaay! Hey if your momma is "needing" to get rid of a small crock pot (like oh say size for 2) ummm keep me in mind ok? pleaseandthankyou 😀

  24. Congrats! I wish I had my mom close by. Enjoy!

  25. Congrats! We're moving in a few weeks and will be closer to the grandparents FINALLY…but not as close as that.

  26. I wish my Mum was closer to me, she is the one person in the world I'd rather NOT do without. Come time… I'm thrilled for you guys, hope it'll be amazing!
    (btw, my Mom lives in Germany, I live in England, that is TOO FRIGGIN FAR!!)

  27. Devonay@LumpkinAndMe says:

    How wonderful for you! I am so envious. I miss my Mom terribly. She's been gone 3 years this month. Enjoy every minute of your time with her!

  28. Mural Maker says:

    So happy for you. Past 7 months been splitting time between my mom's (30 min away) and home. Little hard, but so glad to have time w/her. think I told you – she's 81, has lymphoma, but still teaches step aerobics 3x a week – and not for seniors. It's a kick b*tt class! She's an inspiration, I tell ya.

  29. Hey there! Congrats to you both! Looking forward to seeing what projects the 2 of you will come up with in the future. Give your Mom an extra hug from me today!
    Take care,

  30. Nothing Too Fancy... says:

    Ok, so I came across your blog yesterday and, no lie, I've just spent the last 2 hours reading your past blog entries. You are GENIUS! I will be busy for MONTHS creating some of these (genius!) crafts! I can't wait to get started!

    It is such a blessing to have your mom near by. My mom is 15 minutes away and it is wonderful! I don't have children, but it's so nice to always have a shopping buddy!:-)

  31. Sarah@Neoteric.Traditional says:

    So I've been MIA for a long time where the internet is concerned, but I'm catching up now…
    It is so great for your family that your mom and S-D moved so close to you! You're lucky, no doubt!

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