New England Cruise

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I’m baaaaaack! Did you miss me? Probably not since I had some fantastic women step up to the plate and guest post for me. If you have not had a chance to visit Mod Podge Rocks, Shanty 2 Chic, Joy Beadworks and A Penny Saved I hope you mark them in your bookmarks to visit soon. Those ladies inspire me!

I need a day to catch my breath before I dive into projects but since you all are my PEEPS I want to share my life with you and tell you about my 9 day cruise with my hubs. Can I sway from the usual creative blog? Puhleeeeease?

Did I mention I cruise for free??? I taught 4 crafts projects on board in exchange for a vacation with the hubs. ROCK ON! Here was our itinerary!

I must admit we were definitely the youngest people on board by about 30 years but I love little old ladies. Plus they thought I was the most creative person on the earth and I loves me some love!

Maine is breathtaking. I want to live there. Okay maybe not live there. I just want to have a house there in the fall. The air was cool, the sun was bright and they have Wicked Whoopies.

Yah I had no clue what these yumsters where either. That above is 5 lbs of heaven. If I ate that whole thing I would gain 20 lbs so I just settled for the regular size split between hubs and I. Apparently Oprah and Rachel Ray knew something I didn’t. TOO.DIE.FOR! Yes they have a website and these little devils will definitely be on my front porch when I feel the urge.

Next to the Wicked Whoopies store in Freeport, Maine is Abacus. It is a cool store filled with all handmade art. I was drooling…I left totally inspired. You must go there if you are ever that way.

Oh and then how could I forget the flagship LL Bean Store?

My husband bought a fleece jacket there.

I told him he will have to wear it for 15 years before I will be happy with that purchase. However, we were on vacation and it was his only splurge. I guess the fleece feels like he is wrapped in a cloud or something spectacular. It better feel that way. Cobwebs actually came out of my wallet for that one!

Bar Harbor, Maine is up next. We hiked a little in Acadia National Forest. It is gorgeous. It reminded me of the scenery in the Pacific Northwest and made me miss living back in Washington.

Lastly Boston was really cool. I want to go back there for a weekend. A day is definitely not long enough. We did a tour of Freedom Trail and then went on a tour of Fenway Park.

My friend Ben was making a movie outside Fenway Park there while we visited. Ever heard of him? I hung over the side of Fenway Park to try and catch a glimpse of him. Nope didn’t even see him. But I hung out with the paparazzi trying to get a picture Yah, we had lunch and visited like old friends. He left Jennifer at home. It was nice…we had a good chat. He is doing well, thank you. He was filming The Town, it will be out next year around this time. I will watch for previews and tell you when it comes out . When he calls to tell me it is out I will let you know.

There is so much history in Fenway Park. You don’t even have to like baseball to appreciate it all. I highly recommend the tour. Very fun.

Have you ever tried to get to south Boston from Fenway Park during rush hour in a taxi? We had to be back on the ship at 4:30 p.m. We got a taxi at Fenway at 4:18.! We arrived at 4:41 I was FREAKING OUT thinking the ship left without us! I threw the money at the cab driver and ran as fast as my legs could take me through the cruise terminal. I didn’t care if Tim made it or not I had one more craft class to teach and I didn’t want to not be able to have the opportunity again. Luckily he made it too because all he had was his cell phone and his Sea Pass Card so he wouldn’t have made it very far.

So those of you who have cruised before know that you sit in the same spot for dinner every night. Tim and I sat at a table for two but next to us was a few couples from the Amazing Race. They were filming for a Royal Caribbean commercial.

I don’t watch The Amazing Race so I had to google them to figure out who they were. But we had fun eavesdropping on their conversation chatting it up with them.

So I am back…energized, relaxed and refreshed and ready to inspire.