So a couple of months back The Nate Berkus show’s associate producer contacted me about featuring my TV to console table transformation on the show. I wasn’t sure if anything would materialize or not so I was afraid to say anything out loud because I didn’t want to jinx it. Well it was on last Wednesday. Here is the segment if you want to check it out. 



Did you check out Get A Little Creative this week?  We are talking about the hot topic of knock offs projects and the controversy behind them.  Hear my take on the whole knock off craze and my what greatest desire is as a blogger.

I also show you how to make a little PB teen knock off that would be a great project to do with your kids.


Speaking of knock offs…have you seen my other site Knock Off Décor?  If you love catalog décor but can’t afford catalog prices and don’t mind getting your DIY on you will love…



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  1. well duuhhh they would want you on their show. You are amazing! I love how completely amazed Nate is at your geniousness!!! (that’s totally a word) Way to go!

  2. I just got done watching this episode and when your feature came on I shouted “hey, I know that girl! I follow her blog!” LOL! Great job! I love this idea!

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