My New House – the KITCHEN

Many people have been asking me to post pictures of the new house. So I will give into the blog pressure and post some pictures of my kitchen. A few disclaimers 1. We have been in the house 3 weeks, 1 of which we were out of the state 2. It is not complete yet 3. My camera isn’t the greatest 4. I am the worst photographer known to man. But here goes.

Before pictures of the kitchen

The light fixtures were the worst. They used the cheapest little ball globes and the lighting was horrific. That was the first to go. Then I painted both the kitchen and family room this awesome bluey greeny color. (It is called Into the Sea by Dutchboy).

These will ultimately be the before pictures. I thought once I painted the walls I could live with the cabinets but they are not working for me. I am either going to paint them a creamy white or antique them. What do you think? I also am going to add moulding to the top and bottom to give the standard cheap cabinets are more custom look. Plus we will be getting a different countertop. Most likely a black colored surface. Dreaming right now, “Black granite countertops with a pearl fleck would looking amazing Tim.”

What are your thoughts on the light fixtures? I feel like I need to lower the one over the island. I am just wondering if the one over the island is too big. I kind of feel like it is competing with the chandelier over the table.

Here are some of the fun accessories in my kitchen. I love my magnet board from IKEA. It is such a conversation piece. Without fail within 5 minutes of being at my house guests always make it to my photo board. These are most of the pictures that I get in Christmas cards. Sorry for the glare, refer to the above #4.

Here is a pendulum clock by the very talented Michelle Allen. I love her clocks. I also have one in Isaac’s room I will show when I feature his room.

And here is a fun little bowl of painted ornaments that I made with my cousin Karen.

I have kind of funky colors. Mosts people would not put that bluey-green color with red but it works. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my family room and tell you the story behind the colors. Toodles!