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If you follow me on Facebook you know I am over-the-top obsessed with nail polish stickers lately.  I bought some Sally Hansen ones from Target and applied them over 3 weeks ago and it looks like I just put them on.  They are a fun way to give your nails a pattern and I am so impressed with their durability.

They stay on your toenails for 6 weeks.  Your nails will grow out before you need to remove them.  You remove them the same way you do nail polish…just with any ole nail polish remover.

I told you about a month ago about a deal on them and I just noticed there is another one on Savemore today.  You can get a set of them for $6 from Fabulous Nails.  The Sally Hansens ones are about $9 at Target so $6 is a good deal. Here are some of my favorites on their site.image


Next order of business…

The winner of the August Blossoms camera strap giveaway is:


Author: Amanda @ Serenity Now (
Comment:  I’d choose the blue and green vine strap…love the colors and pattern. 🙂 Great Giveaway, Beckie!


The winner of the Everyday Lettering Giveaway is:



Author: Jenny Christensen (
Comment:  I am following everyday lettering’s blog.

Ladies email me to claim your prize!

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  1. Those are so cool and I love the pattern you have on your toes! I WISH we had a Target in Vermont! Oh well, guess that’s what the internet is for! 🙂 Definitely gonna give those a try.

  2. I have a friend who does hair at a salon and she says the same things about those Sally Hanson Stickers. Her hands are in and out of water all day and they still look perfect after 3 weeks. (She also said that you can cut them in half and do your toes too… 🙂

  3. Ok, now I’m really interested in these nail sticker things. My hands sweat so bad I can never keep nail polish on them for more than a couple of days so getting a manicure is a total waste of money. Worth a try… thanks for the tip!

  4. Hey beckie! I’m out of town and typing on my sisters iPhone. Sooo excited to have won!!

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