My First NFL Game

Ok well supposedly my hubby says that it really doesn’t count because it was a preseason game but…I officially saw a real NFL football field with players on it and all. Last night we went with Ryan & Amy (see “New Friends” post down below) to the Colts/Bears preseason game. They got us a cooler bag filled with Colts stuff (a light up necklace, some beaded necklaces, a mini football, and a Colts blanket). They didn’t even know that my love language is gifts (if you haven’t read 5 Love Languages – it is a must read). Now I really love them 🙂 So I wore the beads and light up necklace to the game. Little did they know I am a Chicago Bears fan. So I wore the Colts stuff but I told them I was a Bear on the inside. My family would disown me if I were otherwise.

So after attending a football game I decided that I am just not a football girl. I mean it is a tiny bit more fun watching it in person than on TV. My hubby reallllllly wants me to join his fantasy football team but I just don’t think it is my thang. Maybe if he wanted to spend 3 hours a week creating with me (and I don’t mean babies) then I may consider 3 hours of fantasy football a week. But we all know that ain’t happening anytime soon. So I guess he will have to stick to his football and I will stick to my crafting. Craft on!