Our church hosted a Pure Energy Event coming off a three-week sermon series on exercise, eating and sleep in order to maximize our potential for Christ here on earth. It was awesome and much needed in my life. During the event there was a 5K run. I have never ran 3 miles in my entire life.

I made it. I ran a 5k. I didn’t stop. I didn’t die. I didn’t even barf at the end! I am so proud of myself.

This is one of my besties, Amy. She is the captain of the Bourbon Chase team in October. She was my cheerleader on the sidelines today. Due to some knee pain she had to sit out for this run. However, she rocked the sidelines for me. Thanks Amy for believing in me.

And here is my biggest cheerleader. Today he came home with a gift bag and an encouraging note about how proud he was of me for starting to run and in the bag was this new running shirt for the event.

But more than the gift meant…he ran with me. He didn’t leave me. He encouraged me when I wanted to quit. I could not have finished as well without him by my side. He knows when to push and when to just support me.

We did it in 29:30! Go team!

Thanks babe you are the best!

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  1. I have to give credit to your Hubby on this one. I haven't run/walked a 5k in years. He was such a great cheerleader for all of us. My goal was to keep it under 1 hour and with the help of Rachel and her brilliant idea to run at the end and then kiss the aphault for finishing, and your hubby counting down the minutes til the one hour mark. We made it in 58 minutes.
    FUN FUN FUN in a painful way!!!

  2. That is great! It sounds like you had lots of support. I think I speak for everyone out here in Blog Land when I say that we are proud of you for not barfing.
    That was a really good time for your run, especially for not being a "regular" runner.

  3. that's really cool! way to go. I'm such a slacker! I haven't even been walking while I work lately!

  4. I am so proud of you! It was awesome to see you finish that race last night…and then to feed your baby girl afterward…now that makes you a warrior! 🙂 Just promise me I'll look cuter next time you post my pic on your blog, ok? 🙂

  5. You did great Beck!! So awesome that Tim stuck with you the entire time and encouraged you to the end!

  6. Totally Awesome! PLUS a new shirt! There's nothing I love more then NEW exercise clothes…seriously! Congrats again!

  7. Awesome time, girl ! Congratulations !

    I started with a 5K, then a 10K, then I ran a half marathon in 2007!

    Haven't run a race since. That was enough for me.

    But I'm still on the treadmill. Sometimes.

  8. This past weekend I ran…
    I ran around the pool, to the diving board, where I did a bunch of funky jumps.

    I ran after Caroline and Libbey, while we chased bubbles in the yard.

    I ran across the parking lot at church, during VBS…because I had to get a gallon of pudding out of my van.

    I ran into the Austin Springs Day Spa with my sister-in-law, because we were so excited for a day of pampering.

    Clearly, this the ONLY kind of running I do. But I'm proud of you. Seriously. Cause I could never, nor will ever, do anything like that. My boobs would fall off from the bouncing.


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