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I wish I could be like Oprah and give every single one of you my new “favorite” thing. Then I could hear you all screaming and passing out in excitement.

Chalkboards are all the rage right now. I have seen plates, sides of cabinets, picture frames, vases, bowls and tables painted in chalkboard paint.

Confession: I HATE CHALK! The feel of chalk in my hands makes me cringe. I hate the powder feel, the sound it makes when writing, the smell of it. Ugh…I have the chills thinking about it.

However, I love the idea of chalkboards. I even attempted to use chalkboard paint here and here. But what do I do if I don’t want to write on them because I have to touch chalk? I found the answer to all my chalk woes.

Panera Bread uses them, Whole Foods has’em and even my hubby’s beloved Starbucks uses them. You can write on anything with these bad boys. These rank up there with Magic Erasers people! That is how awesome they are.

You can write on so many things they are not just limited to chalkboards.

Countertops? Yes!

Mirrors? Uh huh!

Refridgerator Doors? You betcha.

I have used them with my chalkboard painted Cereal Box Mosaic and Puppet Theater and they work great. Disclaimer: You may want to test them out on your chalkboard paint first just to be sure.

The nice people at are offering one lucky Infarrantly Creative follower a variety pack of their markers to try for free.

Plus all of you can receive 10% off your purchase by using the code on my sidebar. That is an awesome deal especially since the Classic Set variety pack is 50% off right now.

Can you hear my passion through the screen about these things? If I haven’t convinced you then watch this video…

In order to put your name in the hat for a chance to win you must leave a comment and be a follower. I will pick a winner on Monday.

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  1. I have to agree with you on the whole chalk thing. I do not like it either. I do LOVE these. I'm already thinking of the possibilities. Expecially Notes for my Hubby on the Mirror. (better than lipstick). Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love these pens. They work great in the classroom…I don't get chalk dust covering me when I wear something black.

  3. HOW GREAT! i LOVE THAT i CAN WRITE a recipe on the counter as I cook and then wipe it up when done. Chalk is annoying because of the mess, and the sound! I do however, want to make a chalk board!


  4. Those would be great for me & my kids. I am always finding my two year old with chalk all over her hands and clothes, which then ends up all over the house. Yeah for chalk ink!

  5. Right now I'm fighting the urge to go write on my counter tops. 🙂 Please pick me! Save my counter tops for certain destruction. lol!

  6. ooo…pick me, pick me! Great post as always Becki! I had no idea these things existed. Now that I do, I have to have some.

  7. I have never heard of these! They look so cool. I'm itching to get to the government surplus store and buy a gigantic chalkboard for our home. I have a small chalkboard to write little messages on in my kitchen. I do love chalkboards, too.

  8. What a great idea! I also HATE chalk. just the thought of it makes me shudder. just added myself as a follower. love your blog!

  9. I HATE chalk too! But I LOVE all the things people are doing with chalk paint right now…this is definitely the solution. I hope I win!!!

  10. I have actually been looking for something like this for YEARS!!!!! I SO want to win this!!!!!!!!!!

    Pick me!!!!!! (hand raised flailing in the air!!!!!!!)


  11. Love that!! A teacher at my school had those before she got her white board and I was obsessed with them. I NEED THOSE!! 🙂 Please. 😉

  12. woo hoo!!!! I have all the same issues as you with chalk. too bad I was a senior in HS when they stopped using chalkboards and stared using dry erase boards. 🙁

  13. What a great idea! I can totally see all the kids who come to my house being entertained by drawing on the windows… awesome product!

  14. I too have a thing about chalk. I love all the chalkboards out now but for some reason the chalk creeps me out. This chalk ink looks like the perfect solution! Please, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E PICK ME uuhhhmmmm, I mean, I would really love to win your giveaway! ;>
    God's blessings on your weekend, Sarah 😀

  15. O. M. G. These are A-MAZ-ING! I love them! I will totally have to pick some up! …not saying I wouldn't love to win them too 😉

  16. I already follow you (through bloglines), and now I have another super cool item on my birthday wish list (November) for my family. 🙂 This is a really neat giveaway.

  17. Having been a teacher, I was so glad when I moved to a school that had dry erase boards. Chalk is so awful and the dust made some kids sneeze! Of course, the dry erase ones have a very strong smell. We just couldn't win. I would love to win the Chalkink. It looks like a real winner.


  18. WOW, those are so cool! Never heard of them before!!

    I don't use the 'follow' feature on blogspot blogs, but I do 'follow' you using my google reader! Dunno if that counts :s

  19. As a former elementary teacher turned SAHM, count me in!!! I love the look of these things! 🙂


  20. These sound perfect for leaving Bible verses on the bathroom mirror! And I've been followin' your creative genius for some time now!!!

  21. I also can not stand chalk. I used to teach sunday school at church and would print stuff out and magnetically attach it to the chalkboard instead of using the dumb chalk! These markers sound so cool, I would LOVE to try them!

    (I am a follower!)

  22. I might actually do that chalk board painting project I was planning, if I win. The thought of messy chalk everywhere has been holding me back.

    I'm a follower!

  23. OMgoodness…..I'd love to win!!! I don't mind chalk itself, but think it doesn't look too 'clean' so the chalk ink would be perfect!!!
    And I am a follower!

  24. Oooohhh, just this week I was thinking that I really wanted some of these! Free would be fabulous! 😉 And if I don't win, I think I might just have to order some with the extra discount!

  25. I'm such a sucker for markers but this looks and sounds AWESOME!!!! Wow!!! Amazing!

    I am a follower! You sucked me in with your Real and raw story! Loved it!

    Would LOVE to WIN! Thanks for the chance!

  26. Oh I have to get me some of these! You're in my google reader– I'm not all techy enough to know if that counts as being a "follower" or not.

  27. Oh I have to get me some of these! You're in my google reader– I'm not all techy enough to know if that counts as being a "follower" or not.

  28. Oh I have to get me some of these! You're in my google reader– I'm not all techy enough to know if that counts as being a "follower" or not.

  29. Oh I have to get me some of these! You're in my google reader– I'm not all techy enough to know if that counts as being a "follower" or not.

  30. Oh wow, I love this!! Never heard of them before. I'm following the blog.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  31. Have to admit… there's something satisfying about writing with chalk that gives me warm fuzzies… But then my hands are dirty, and so are my clothes, and everything else around me. So the fuzzies disappear pretty quickly. These are really cool, and I'm having so much fun following your blog!

  32. I so need these since I homeschool my three little boys and written reminders of letter sounds, numbers, sight words and a thousand other things could be written everywhere! I've never heard of these things before but I love them already! Hope if I don't win that I can find them in Canada. They look like just the ticket!

  33. i want chalk ink to be MY best friend 😉 i think i need a set and one for my sis who is a teacher who always ends up with chalk on her butt — save the pants! 🙂

  34. Is that what those chalkboards at Panera are written in? I have always wondered how they got their writing SO perfect. A new Must Have! Thanks for gracing us with your knowledge – as always!

  35. I'd love to try them.
    Do i enter here?
    I just signed up to follow your blog.

    Where are they 50% off?

    thanks for posting about them.

    barbara jean

  36. I am so excited to learn about Chalk Inks! I too hate chalk…okay, I really dislike it. Thanks for sharing!


  37. Pick me! Pick me !!!!!! I love those !!!! I want those! No wait: I need those !!!!!!!!! lol In other words, could you please enter me in your giveaway? Thanks !!!!!!!!!

  38. What a fun giveaway – count me in!! I've never heard of these – how fun!

  39. What a fun giveaway – count me in!! I've never heard of these – how fun!

  40. What a fun giveaway – count me in!! I've never heard of these – how fun!

  41. What a fun giveaway – count me in!! I've never heard of these – how fun!

  42. Do I have to be an official follower? That means I have to figure out how to do that.

    But, you left out my biggest dis-like of chalk…..the mess when you erase it!

    Can't wait to try the chalkink!

  43. I hare chalk too – give me the willies! Plus it's so dirty – a total nemesis to a neatnik like myself. I'd love to try those out.
    – Danielle

  44. How neat…I've never heard of these. I'm a new follower and new reader (I clicked over the other day when you were featured on U Create! 🙂 LOVE your blog!

  45. When I told my husgband I wanted to make some chalkboards he asked me why since I hated touching chalk. *lol* I'll have to look for some of these, they look awesome!

    and I'm also a follower 🙂

  46. really Beckie I used to have a chance at winning these things but now your blog is like a cult with a million followers and so I'm likely to not win but I still love reading your blog…..everyday!
    Nicole W.

    P.S. I'm pretty sure Drew is tired of my telling him about all the amazing things you do! 😉

  47. Genius! I have always admired those perfectly crisp and clean boards at Starbucks and such. I would love to have my own! Following you 🙂

  48. No Way!
    I love them!
    I can def use them a lot too!
    Oh and I am a faithful follower of your awesome blog!

  49. These are so cool. I would love to be the winner! Thanks so much for your site, you really inspire me. Now I want to make my whole home pretty!!

  50. I've seen these before, but never used them. Think of the possibilities! What a wonderful give away. Thank you!

  51. these. are. awesome!!!! When I was in college I painted a whole wall of my room in chalkboard paint (which was so fun and great place for people to leave notes or drawings. I loved it, but the chalk dust got EVERYWHERE. I already checked out these markers and will definitely try and get some for my next chalk board project!!

  52. I totally cringed when you were talking about the sound of chalk on a chalkboard!!! I am totally there!!! I LOVE chalkboards, but hate chalk! HMMMMM

  53. Thanks for letting me know about this product! I am thinking of painting the back of my door that leads from the kitchen into the garage with magnetic paint and now with this product I can also write on it! Awesome! Love chalkboards but didn't want the dust. Dilemma solved!

  54. whoops. I'm too late for the giveaway, but I'm going to check out thier website today. Over the weekend I moved some things around and made space for a big chalkboard easel in my kitchen. I spend so much time in there that I wanted the kids to have something to play on. But, haha…I havn't put out the chalk yet because I hate it so much! Would you consider these chalk inks kid friendly?

  55. Wow, those look really fun. I follow your blog and always enjoy reading your posts.


  56. Those are really cool. I've wondered many a time about chalk boards in coffee houses etc. Now maybe I'll start using one myself.

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