My Blog Story Part 14

I am continuing on today with my blog story.  If you missed one or want to start at the beginning, you can do so here.


So April arrived, and I flew to Los Angeles for the taping of Craft Wars.  It was so interesting to really see all that goes into one TV show.  WOW!  I was there 4 days for one episode!  There were like a zillion people involved to make one show happen.  Many people asked me, “Did you really only get one hour?”  Yes! I really only got one hour…60 minutes…3600 seconds.  In case you were wondering, the challenge was to create a functional chandelier out of mini blinds in one hour.  Here is the hot mess I created.


So I got booted after the first round – my 15 minutes of fame was gone. Poof! I was bummed, of course, but totally felt fine to have lost to professional artists. Never have I felt more like a Midwest crafty mom than competing against those two master geniuses. But I had a blast and, given the same outcome, I would have still done the show. So I flew back home with my tail between my legs. Ok, so it wasn’t that dramatic.


The most dramatic part was waiting for the episode to air without telling people.  I am a horrible secret keeper when I have something exciting to share, so it about killed me.

snapHaven Conference

The next big moment in 2012 was that I spoke at some blog conferences – SNAP and Haven.  I absolutely love going to blogging conferences (and recommend you do too if your blog is your business!) and chose those two last year because of their niche focus.  Since I straddle the fence between crafting, DIY, and home décor, both SNAP and Haven made sense for me to attend.  While I enjoyed my topic at SNAP, I was asked to speak on a panel about Monetization and Advertising at Haven, which is a huge passion of mine.  I presented my strategy on layering ads, and people freaked out.  I honestly thought that everyone monetized the way I did.  I found out I was wrong.  By day two there was a lot of buzz about our topic, and the second time we spoke it was standing room only.  Crazy!  I really feel like that one moment really allowed me to gain some credibility as a leader in my niche.  I am reeeeeeaaaalllly grateful to the Haven team for allowing me that opportunity because I think it was what really helped me launch my consulting business as well.  More on that later.  (Pssst…I will also be speaking on the same topic by myself at SNAP this year – SQUUUEEEAAALLL!!!)

Meanwhile, I felt like I was aligning myself with good brands, finding my groove, and working hard to maintain balance in my life, which is always the struggle of a blogger.

So August rolled around and I was super anxious about my episode of Craft Wars airing.  The scary part was not knowing how they were going to make me look.  Would I look like an idiot, a ditz, a slave driver, a crazy lady, etc?  I just wanted that day to be over because the anticipation was killing me.  So the day came, and I had my local newspapers calling me for interviews….

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  1. Awww…. a cliff hanger! I’m glad my comment on your last post picked you up, Beckie. I have really gotten away from blogging because now it seems like one more thing that you have to be good at! When I started mine in 2005, it was just a fun little “show and tell”. However, I really want to make my living by “making stuff” and I think I need to recognize that blogging can be one more stream of income in that pursuit. I’m very interested in learning what you mean about “layering ads”! Beckie, thanks for this series and always working so hard to “keep it real” while putting great content out there. I love your blog and I subscribe- I don’t want to miss a thing!

  2. loving this series!

  3. You were AMAZING at Haven!!! So glad I got to see that talk in person. Best session at Haven for me!!

  4. How exciting! I would be nervous wreck just thinking of doing all that you have done. Speaking in public, the works!

    Heck I would be happy just getting a little business started and having role models like you to look up to is so inspiring as I wade my way through figuring it all out.

    Can’t wait to read the next installment! That cliffhanger has me waiting on the edge of my seat!

  5. Beckie, You are amazing. I’m so glad to “know” you. You never cease to amaze me at your ability to just lay it all out there. I guess I fear people really knowing what I am thinking. And how freakishly hard I am working in the the real world. I want to know about layering ads. Congratulations on speaking on it at SNAP.

  6. Loved this series. You are one awesome lady. I just love your Roadkill Rescues, and promise to comment more often.

  7. You seriously rocked my blogging world at Haven. Best session I attended and gave me a practical, manageable to-do list to work on when I got home. I actually left your session and went out in the lobby to call my husband and let him know that the money spent on that conference was worth it! I almost came back to your session again the second day just in case you gave out any more tidbits you might have forgotten the first time. But I was a good little attendee and went to a different session (but had a friend taking notes for me in yours, of course!). So thank you. A lot. It sometimes can feel very isolating in this blog world when you are just starting out. Your session helped confirm the reasons why I am doing this and make it all feel possible. We won’t talk about the fact that I still haven’t layered my ads, though…

  8. Thank you for this whole series. I really enjoyed reading your blog story and will continue following it. I’m also headed to read Real and Raw, though you’ve threatened that I won’t make it out still married 🙂

    This is just a fantastic series and has some great advice for all walks of life. My favorite was “you can’t do it alone” I’m just starting on a new career myself and that is something I have to keep reminding myself and it’s always great to hear it from other sources. I’m looking forward to the next installment! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


  9. Thanks for sharing Beckie! You’ve had an exciting year…and you’re only half way through telling us about it. 🙂 I have watched a couple of your “Better Blogging” sessions, and am happy that you are sharing what you’ve learned along the way with the general public. You are so kind!

    • Yes it has been a big year! Thanks for listening to the Better Blogging series. We have certainly had fun. And thank you so much for following me after all these years!

  10. Hi Becky- I used your really cute Merry Christmas printable jar lid label this past holiday season and I wanted to organize all my give away things and now I cant find that document.Do you still have it on your site somewher? Thanks for your help

  11. Sat in on your session at Haven … wasn’t freaked out … more like, HOLY CRAP, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO BE DOING. Thanks for your words of wisdom on layering ads.

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