My Blog Story Part 12

If you are just reading this and want to read my whole blog story begin here.

Having three blogs definitely has its challenges.   But I also know that both Knock Off Décor and Roadkill Rescue wouldn’t have been instant successes if it weren’t for the time, effort and reputation I had established with Infarrantly Creative.







Being in the blogosphere for almost 5 years makes me qualify for a senior citizen discount.   That really is considered a long time to be a blogger.   With that I have morphed with all the new social media platforms, changes to blogging and shifts in thinking.   I remember when the blogosphere was a lot smaller and there was way more interaction in blogging and you actually established REAL friendships with people.   With the rise of Pinterest, I get about 3/4 less comments on here than I used to even though I have about tripled my readership.   Part of that makes me sad because I have a DEEP desire to connect with my readers, and part of me realizes that the scope of social media changes with every year.   So I have to roll with it and continue to be on the cutting edge of the change, morphing and growing with all the new BUT exciting changes that blogging takes.


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Back in July of 2009 I told you I made the decision to try and turn blogging into a small business.   When I made that commitment and shifted my thinking into “this is my job” it changed the way I viewed blogging.   Knowing that any small business generally puts the time and effort in but doesn’t have any profit for the first two years I worked and I worked HARD.   I spent a lot of my own money to get my “business” up and running.   I had a work schedule and my kids went to daycare / preschool during those hours even though I didn’t make money to justify that expense. When I made the decision that I was a “working mom” I had to figure out (with the help and support of my family) how I could make this thing work and how I could maintain my family too even before my first cent came in.


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So my work hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 — 2.     Then after the kids go to bed I generally put in another hour or two returning emails, writing posts, editing pictures, etc.   I would say I put in about 25-30 hours a week.   I also don’t do it alone.   I have a writer that helps me with KOD and RR and I also have 4 contributors on IC that I pay as well.   I actually give away about 1/4 of my income to writers.   But my goal is to work smarter and not harder and to do the things I love to do — which is creating and doing projects that inspire people.

I also have to be reeeeeeaaallllly intentional or I could do projects all day, ignore my family, never feed my family, and live on the love and affirmation I receive from blogging and never have a real relationship in my life. I also have to be reeeeeeaaallllly intentional with taking care of myself by exercising and watching my calorie intake or I get a bloggy butt reaaaalllly quick.   Believe me!   So I try and be organized and be reeeeeeaaallllly intentional about how I spend my time. My blog planner helps a lot!   I have to set boundaries and say no to a lot of things that I would LOVE to say yes too.   But I realize that I can only do a few things really well and my family is one of those things I want to be excellent at. So my husband and I go on date night EVERY Thursday and we set a goal to do one big, fun thing a month outside of the house as a family.   These are just a few things I have done so that I can be successful and maintain my sanity.



So that is where I leave you.   I can’t wait to report what 2012 brings my way.   I am blessed beyond measure and still am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for all He has done in my life — blogging included.   And thank you to you for all your support of all of my blogs.

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  1. Awww! I LOVE those family photos! The running ones are great. Isaac looks sooooo handsome in it and Kayla is such a big girl!! Where’d the baby go???

  2. I love following your blogs! By reading your blogs I get that you already ARE “intentional”. I wish I still lived in the Indy area so we could be real-life friends. Do you have any suggestions for finding bloggers in my own area?
    Love your family photos above.
    I think I may try out your blog planner. The little video was helpful. However, I didn’t expect your voice to be that low. : )

    • Peggy did you expect it to be squeaky. HAHA! It is always funny seeing a blogger in real life when you have a different picture of them in your head. Where do you live?

  3. Thanks for explaining how you do it all. I always wonder how you all do it somedays…and I love the way you talk about being that!

  4. I have been thoroughly enjoying these Blog Story posts!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I could definitely learn a few things from you regarding time management. Let’s just say it’s not my strength. 😀

  5. I love your blog story! Senior Citizen~LOL You’re a rock star! Best of luck for 2012…now I’m going back up to see your blog planner 🙂

  6. Beckie I love how real you are! I too find the most important thing about blogging to be the friendships. Although I have not met too many bloggers in real life, I do dream of being able to in the coming years! You are one of them I must add!

    Also, I am feeling the same about Pinterest. It’s funny how much of love hate relationship I have with it! hahaha… I just wish everyone on there loved blogs as much as us “bloggy” gals do!!

    *Hugs* from Oregon!!

    • Yep it is always changing and morphing. I am still trying to learn the FB timeline thing. GAH! I would love to meet you too one day. I am sure we will end up at a conference together one day!

  7. Beckie, Been following awhile and reading your blog series as well. Greatly appreciate your sharing. But today you hit my funny bone with the bloggy butt comment. I love that phrase. Constant battle here as well. Probably time for a high speed walk outside. Good luck in 2012.

  8. I’ve enjoyed reading about your blogging journey. Great inspiration for newbies like me.

  9. Beckie–

    You are one of my favorite bloggers, hands down. And it’s not that you have a terrible blog(s), it’s just YOU, as a person and a writer who I love. I love how open and candid some of your personal posts are and they have truly inspired me in a big way. So often when I’m reading your posts I’m like ‘Oh I totally feel the same way!’ and ‘So great to see a blogger who is so honest!’ and ‘I need to bring the good binoculars when I stalk Beckie tonight!” Okay, not the last one, but seriously, you are high on my list of Most Influential Bloggers. PS, those are fabulous pictures!!

  10. Haha–I just realized I wrote TERRIBLE blogs–when I meant TERRIFIC. Sorry!!

  11. What wonderful tips! Being intentional with my time and working smart and planning better are all goals of mine this year. I certainly haven’t perfected them yet, so I love hearing how others do it so I can glean from them.

  12. You are an amazing blogger and I look forward to all you have to offer for 2012! Keep thinkin’ smart cuz it’s gonna get you places, girl!

  13. Your blogs are fabulous and it’s true — good blogging really does take time and effort. These tips on how to be more successful are worth remembering! Thank you for all you share with your readers! – Suzanne

  14. Thanks for this. I have made blogging and social media more into job recently and staying on schedule is important.


  15. I’m going to leave you a comment, because now I feel guilty for reading all the time without commenting!

  16. Beckie – Will you be my bloggy fairy godmother? You are so amazingly talented and I just love reading your blogs everyday! I just finished reading your whole journey and I have to admit it made me feel very inspired but also very overwhelmed. I have been blogging for 1 week – yes 1 week. I am very new and already so excited to grow and share! Any advice I would be so grateful! Thanks so much!

  17. Loved this series, Beckie. 🙂 I get discouraged with my blog from time to time, but you always have the most excellent reminders that success comes with lots of hard work, which makes me keep plugging away. Your site’s (sites’) growth and recognition are well-deserved!!!

  18. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your story. My hope is that in 5 years I will also qualify for the “senior discount”! Not only do I love love love your projects, I enjoy your “voice”. Even though I haven’t made even one cent on my blog, it’s only 6 months old, and I still love it. Have you always loved your blogs, or did you tire after a while? I always wonder why people would stop blogging. To me it’s so much fun, but I pray that it’s not just because my blog is still in its infancy. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Laura vonderhaar says:

    Your are amazing!!! I stumbled upon your site and I am so glad I did. I will follow you, gladly.

  20. I have just found your website and enjoy your inspiring words so much.
    I have downloaded your free printable blog calendar and now am getting better organised to pursue my beading pursuits.
    Thank you again,

  21. I know what you mean about the intentional part. As a fellow red-head I’m not sure if our red-headedness(is that a word)has anything to do with it,but like you once I commit to something I’m in all the way and have to remind myself of the rest of my life I have and make sure I have time for the things that are most important My husband cringes when I take on anything new because he knows how passionate I am and how I get immersed. Not a blogger though even though I love to write-just don’t like the whole idea of being so open and vulnerable to the world. Want to see a picture of my family-I don’t think so! And I think the best bloggers like yourself do open yourself up so not sure how to get past that. Anyway sorry for the rambling-looking forward to all your upcoming posts in 2012!

  22. Wow. Totally love your story! I’m totally not a blogger by any means (I only write my life to keep friends and family updated-as a military family that’s how it goes). Total kudos to you! I cannot imagine… Love it. Love it! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to adventuring out into this new creative world I have found.

  23. Beckie, I want to thank you so much for all you’ve done to inspire, nurture, and encourage me. I am a total “newbie” to blogging and was already questioning whether or not I should continue (even though it’s only been a couple of months).
    You’ve given me so much info, and so many links that I’ve now joined Crafterminds and look forward to following you more closely in your 3 sites.
    I have a full-time job that keeps me away from my creative ventures for about 45 hours a week, and a family that deserves my attention, and numerous friends who love to hang out! So I’m not sure how to balance all that and my creative pursuits and my blogging, but I will keep working at it!
    PS–my blog is on blogger. I wish I’d started it in WP, but since I have a “gmail” email, I just went with Blogger. Ont top of that, my “creative” pursuits are typically done through my “business’ email, so updating the blogger requires my signing out of my regular email, and going into my business email, which is sort of a pain in the bloggy butt! I’m regretting I did it this way instead of through WP and with my regular email! Any further words of wisdom here will be greatly appreciated.
    I love your Blog Planner btw!

  24. Wow! Thank you SO much for sharing your story!! I’ve read a few others condensed into one post. But I got so much more from reading your detailed account. Knowing the hard work behind a successful blog helps put it all into perspective. Also, your honesty with being prideful when comparing yourself to other bloggers. I have so been there, and hearing how you got over it was just what I needed. THANK YOU!!

  25. I just read your blog story and wanted to thank you for sharing it. It’s inspiring, well written, engaging, and your personality really shines through. Thanks.

  26. RedHead….focus…People always say redheads are a little different. I had a boss who once said yur like a everready battery on permanent ON.I just read chapter 12..and AM now going back to the beginning…I am a newbie with 18 followers and each day working to build that …But I took some time to go into blog land big time…today and yesterday. MY Hubby is at a workshop out of town…so night owl….blog hopping…and Getting a handle on where I go next. Watermarks….got it just do it. Facebook,Ok I will jump in to the deep end. Pinintrest…I get I love to look…so time to build my own…read some good stats…on another really cool blog…Best of luck with show…..and win or loose…it’s the experience and opportunity….Finally your family is a delight. Hold them dear. They grow so fast. I can’t believe my youngest grandchild is 2.6 and working on 16 so fast…..Redheads have all the fun….they really do

  27. I don’t even know how I stumbled upon your page or this blog story, but I LOVED it. Start to finish, awesome. Sometimes it’s good to get that reassurance that other bloggers are people, too, and they all started somewhere. Thanks for the makeup-free look into your blogging story. I even had to pin it so I could re-read it later for inspiration when I think nothing is going right or is never going to pan out. Each has their own story and yours has been great! Can’t wait to see your update for 2012.

  28. Well, that’s it. I’ve read all 12 parts of your enthralling, transparent blog story and I’m inspired. I want and have wanted to blog for so long (started one about 5 years ago), but really could never grasp the “how” or “what” except to write. While my fan club was loyal (most of them having the same last name as me) I just felt like a rat in a wheel..never getting anywhere or reaching anyone. Inevitably, discouraged, I gave it up figuring I just didn’t have the “it” it must take to be a successful blogger.

    Fast forward five years and here I am. With a newly emptied nest this seems like just the right time to get back on the wheel and see if it can take me somewhere this time. I don’t even have my blog fully built yet nor my mission clearly defined and I still don’t know if I have the “it”, but I am determined to take this road not yet traveled where ever the Lord may lead and your story served to push me another step further down the path.

    Thanks Beckie. Keep it up!

    PS I haven’t even checked out the craftiness of your blog, but better bet I will.

  29. oh Becky! the more I get to know about you, the more I like you! You’re a great inspiration, not only in the creative realm. I love the way you put first things first. Thank you for being such an example!
    thank you!
    Karin Joan

  30. Julie Spear says:

    Becky, I have really enjoyed reading your story…I have followed your projects for a couple of years, and have actually seen you on The Indy Channel and enjoyed your segments there as well!!! I admire your creativity, and Girl, you definitely crank out the QUALITY creative projects on a regular basis, for sure!!! Just wanted to comment that I think you have built an amazing creative space here, and I appreciate all of your awesome inspiration!!! 🙂 I HAVE DECIDED TO GO FOR IT AND start a blog,and I am going to take your advice and head over to your friend Court’s site, to get started…Thanks!!!

    • Awesome, Julie! I love hearing that you have been inspired and cannot tell you how much I appreciate your encouraging comments. I wish you the very best in you new blogging adventure. You are definitely headed to the right place – Court is awesome! Best wishes!


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