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Every year for the past 4 years I have written a birthday list. I got the idea from a friend of mine named Renee. I got this email one day with like 30 things she wanted for her birthday. I laughed so hard and thought it was gutsy. But guess what I did? I bought her a gift and I never had before. So it works!

Have you ever read the Five Love Languages? If you have, then you will know my love language is receiving gifts. Love me????

Yes, it is a shameless plug to get birthday gifts. But I love, love, love gifts. It is like the greatest thing you could ever do for me. My second is acts of service. So if you want to clean my house or rub my feet for my birthday you can do that too…But for everyone who has the guts to write a birthday list I will return the favor and get you gift. So for all you peeps who want to ring in my 32nd year with a bang, here you go!

1. Mini Muffin Pans – I have an obsession with little things. It is an inherited disease from my mother…kind of like box-itis. I think mini muffins are so cute that I don’t even want to take a bite out of them. I know I am weird. 2. Don’t Panic Dinner’s In the Freezer – I LOVE FREEZER MEALS! I have checked out this book so many times at the library they are going to ban me from renting it out and just give it to me soon. I would love my own copy of it.

3. Sponges – I need new sink sponges. I like the ones that have the sponge on one side and the brillo type pad on the other. This is what happens when there hasn’t been a good sale lately and no coupons for them…I ask for them for my birthday. I am pretty sure there are a million bacteria having babies on my current sponge, it is so old. I am probably contaminating my family and we are going to get e-coli or something. Maybe that is why my son has been so gassy lately.
4. A bath pouf – I am not sure the technical term for them. However, mine just unraveled the other day. I know they are $1 at the Dollar Tree people. But it is my birthday month..why not try and squeak out a free one!5. Earrings – I am pretty sure the dog ate all of my earrings…oh wait…I don’t have a dog. I seriously do not know how I own only 2 pairs of earrings. Where did they all go? Any will do…except gaudy 80’s earrings. Just small dangly ones would be rad. Did I just say rad? I don’t care the color or the flavor. I just need to give these ears some bling.


6. Sugar Scrub – I generally make my own with brown sugar and olive oil but I want to see if I am missing out on something by getting the real kind. NO VANILLA…ugh! Some fruity, fresh scent that’ll make me think I am in the tropics would be preferable.
7. Hair Ma Bobs – I love fun things to wear in my hair. Bright? Yes! Flowery? Sure! Colorful? Uh huh! Headbands, Barrettes, Clippies, Pony Tail Holders, Twisties….all of it…you betcha!

8. A Magnetic Notepad – I need one of those little notepads that stick on my fridge which serves as my brain where I write little notes to myself all day. Something sassy and fun that says something like..”I’m so GLAM I sweat glitter!” Ok so maybe not that. But something adorable and fun!

9. A CarWash – This a fun little splurge that my mom van rarely receives. It costs like $5 or something. $5 car wash or $5 to spend at Hobby Lobby….hmmmmm…which do you think I normally choose?
10. Socks – I also have a thing for cute socks. Right now my foot hasn’t seen cloth on it in months but as soon as fall hits I sport some cutie patooties.

Since I am so gracious I will let you get me a gift any day during the month of August…it doesn’t even have to be on my birthday. I am flexible like that 😉

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