I have been searching for months for a dresser that is high enough to be used for a changing table, in my price range, and white. I have not found anything. Then a dear friend offered me her changing table dresser. It is high enough, in my price range (FREE), and white! Plus she gave me two baskets. When I got home I realized that the baskets where the SAME EXACT ones I had. So I just had to make another basket liner and set them in place.

Here it is all opened up. It has a lot of storage. I still have one leftover basket that I just threw in there for now. I love it, I love it, I love it. THANK YOU JULIE!

Next, my orange boppy cover was an eyesore in this room. I wanted a new cover but they are expensive ($10-$20). I actually looked on etsy today to see if I could find someone to make one for me out of the fabric I had. It looked a bit complicated for my sewing skills.

But then I thought…dang…I recovered the rocking chair certainly I can make a boppy cover. So I set out to find a pattern online and Economical Baby did not disappoint me! The pattern was perfect and SOOOOOOOOO easy. I even sewed a zipper, which always scares me. PERFECTAMUNDO!

It matches Kayla’s room and only cost $1.33 for the price of a zipper! And seriously folks, it took me less than an hour. In fact it took me 25 minutes to sew it after I had the fabric all cut out (I know because the timer was set for Isaac’s “time-by-himself”. I have two boppys so I may find some fabric to match my family room decor and make another one.

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  1. yippee! Google reader told me you had 3 new posts and you did not dissapoint! You sewed a boppy cover? wow….I’m scared of zippers and curves, but if I have another baby I promise to try.

  2. So does your friend expect that sweet changing table back or are you gonna *wink*wink*, “pay it forward” hmmmmmmm? 😉

  3. Wow! It all turned out so great. Good work! I can’t believe Kayla will be here in within a month or so…crazy! 🙂

  4. I love that Boppy cover! Oh, I loved my Boppy! The changing table is PERFECT!!

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