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Hey guys occasionally…..(like once a year maybe) I like to spotlight someone who I feel has the same message and passion as mine, someone who I admire from up close or afar for their resilience, persistence and faith.  Jen goes to my church and has overcome some pretty incredible odds (you can read all about it below).  Through her biggest struggle and hardest battle she decided to become an entreprenuer.  I can get behind women like that who doesnn’t allow life circumstances to define them.  So please give a big IC welcome to Jen Piper.  Oh and she is offering my readers 20% using the code: infarrantly20

Hi I’m Jen owner of BB Tee. I love Jesus and watching reality tv. I don’t know what I did with my life before leggings or memes. If you don’t like washing your hair and carbs are your favorite food group—1.) we should probably be friends and 2.) I probably have JUST the shirt for you.

I’m obnoxiously in love with my husband of five years. Our love overcomes all things, like the fact that we both eat junk on the regular, but he has abs. (Eyeroll)

I’m your basic toddler mom poster girl: forgotten cold coffee sippin’, same outfit for days wearin’, Target trip lovin’, Chipotle addicted, blessed mess (shameless shirt plug).

I impulsively started theBBtee a few months ago while sitting on the couch recovering from brain surgery. I had a brain tumor the size of a ping pong ball that needed to go. Surgery ended up stealing my hearing in one ear and the symmetry of my face, but it gave me a lot of Jesus and enough restlessness to start a business of out thin air. I’m an extrovert who was struggling through recovery and ashamed of my face and my new single sided deafness. Starting theBBtee allowed me to engage with people and life from my safe space.

Why shop theBBtee? I’m a one gal business. I hand pick all the fashion merch and design the graphics for each tee. I pack every item. I print every shipping label. I’m the one you get when you email or comment. If you have questions, ask. I’m all about a speedy reply. I absolutely love how this business has allowed me to connect with amazing people and organizations across the country. And you know what they say, when you shop small an actual person does a happy dance.

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