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I grew up in the Midwest. I have seen some crazy storms. I have been in many a basements waiting for tornados to pass. I have had the power go out. I have heard loud thunder and have seen huge lightning streaks. But nothing beats the past week of weather in Indiana.

HOLY MOLEY! I have woke up throughout the night at least 4 nights this week and at least 7 times per night. I have never in my entire life heard thunder so loud or last so long. I am talking rolling thunder that will last for 10 seconds or more and so loud the house shakes. The lighting will streak the whole sky and will have like 20 off-shoots. It will brighten the whole sky with flashes of light. We have had 80 mile an hour winds which I am sure is blowing off every shingle on our roof (as I lay in that half-asleep/half-awake/slightly insane mode). We have had flash floods and rain that is coming down sideways. Last night our power went out for about 4 hours and then we must have had at least 5 other brown-outs during the night.

Isaac is loving it. He keeps say “mo dunder and mo yightning.” And then when he sees lightning he gets all excited and his eyes get really wide. Thank you Lord that Isaac is somehow sleeping all the way through the night in the midst of the chaos. But we are exhausted.

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  1. wOW! I love a good thunder/lightening storm, but that might be a bit much. I like watching the weather across the country and see what it’s doing where all my bloggy friends are. Amazing how kids sleep through that. If only mommy could. Be safe!

  2. wow! i’ve lived through so. cal earthquakes but not that! That doesn’t sound like fun at all! Is it automatic to have storm insurance there?

  3. holey moley is right!! That is CRAZY! Yes, thank goodness Isaac is sleeping and even liking it when he is awake!

    hope you get some sleep soon!

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