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Hello Holiday friends.  Today we are going to play a little game for $25 Amazon, Visa or Target gift card.  No need to follow all my social channels (although I hope you do – giggle), or jump through a bunch of hoops, just play along and come up with the most outrageous, funny, or witty caption to this picture below.


Just leave your best caption for this photo in the comments below. Contest is open through Friday, December 4th 12:00 PM EST.

The WINNING caption will be posted for all to see in this post on Friday, December 4th by noon EST! Winner will be sent their choice of a $25 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card.

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  1. Oh crap, Aunt Bertie thawed out her Christmas Cookies from 1956 again to share at the Christmas party

  2. “Pintrest told me these were easy and delicious…they don’t know my baking”

  3. Caption: ” The person who made these obviously did not participate in the Christmas Pinspiration Party on Pinterest. =/”

  4. I guess I should’ve tried some of the new cookie exchange ideas from the One Stop DIY Shop Pinterest page!

  5. It won’t let me post this, it says I have a duplicate, so here it goes again…

    Try sugar free, they said… you can’t even taste the difference, they said.

  6. You gotta be kidding me!?! Where’s my walker? I ‘m going to the snack bar!

    Sorry – I work in long term care and I see one of my residents in that pic!

  7. Being a good Grandma, I spend 800 bucks on your kids this year and in return you give me lousy store bought cookies??????

  8. These kids today! Why can’t they serve something good like that fruitcake I made them?

  9. Whoops! I should’ve tried these before I offered them to the whole family! Merry Christmas!

  10. No carbs, carob instead of chocolate, aspartame instead of sugar, and no gluten….Christmas cookies aren’t what they used to be.

  11. this is all the cookies I get! I thought this was a Christmas cookie exchange party and I would get lots of cookies!

  12. I shopped for 6 months, crafted for 9 months, and all I got was this plate of store bought cookies???

  13. Santa, do you always have to take a bite out of EVERY cookie you bring back to the North Pole?!

  14. Oh No she made the same dried up cookies as last year…… or maybe they are from last year. Icky

  15. Oh look! Cookies shaped like baby poo and human organs…my favorite!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW???

  16. I hope you don’t expect for me to eat this!I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog if I had one.

  17. My granddaughters first Christmas cookies would have been good if she hadn’t switched the baking powder and powdered sugar!

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