The Melting Pot

Ok so I have just a week or so until August 1st (when I go on my starvation- bulimic diet- just kidding) so I stuffed my face at the Melting Pot today. Love the food, love the ambience, love the fact that I had a babysitter. Tonight is our last night in Georgia. Then we go back home (although Indiana is far from that right now). Then on Wednesday Tim and I separate and I go to Ohio and Tim is going to a monastery. Monastery, sounds fun eh? Trap me in a room with just books, my bible, and no one to talk to for three days and I would need to be in a loonie bin. But my hubby on the otherhand, loves that stuff. I am going to visit my friend in Ohio who persevered with me at our first church experience in Modesto, CA. Then I will pop on over to my dad’s house and chill for a couple of days.

We went waterskiing and tubing today. Plan A worked today. Yahoo! Isaac got his first ride on a tube. Don’t worry we were going like 1/2 mile an hour. He loved it. He looked so cute with his hair in the wind and his little life jacket on. And look at his super coool dinosaur tatoo. Yep he is pretty much a stud.