Meeting a Fellow Blogger

Well some of you probably think I am crazy but I met a blogbuddy today. And I survived. And guess what? She wasn’t even weird.

Thimbleanna came all the way from Ft. Wayne (2 hours away) to come play today. I taught her how to make soldered pendants. I must say I have taught a few people and she by far had the most natural talent so far. She did a fantastic job. I was impressed. She left with three projects she was proud of. YAH! (She is a little camera shy so I promised her face would be covered)

As a thank-you she made me a chunky bunny. How adorable is he? He is supposed to be a pincushion but I think I am going to put him in Isaac’s playroom because he matches so well. And he is wearing some fun soldered jewels.

I named him Jack. She also brought Isaac a book. I love free stuff. I love homemade free stuff even more. After a long week, it was nice to have a visitor and someone to craft with. I needed a little pick-me-up.

Tim went hunting for the night. They have a late hunting weekend where they give licenses to just kill a doe. I guess they figure by killing the doe they kill more because they can’t reproduce. So I am hoping Tim comes home with a little Bambi for din-din. For all you animal lovers who think I am cruel – sorry. I am an animal eater not lover.

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  1. Leigh Anne says:

    We Littons are proud members of PETA…People Eating Tasty Animals!!!

    I love you and when you come to visit me, I expect loads of free homemade stuff. Because you know I’ll be giving you the same. HA!

  2. So glad you survived. Even more glad you had a brighter day after a long week.

  3. We’re happy she wasn’t a wacko who tried to kill you and steal all your crafts stuffs !!! lol

    So what do you have for dinner?

  4. Hi Becky~ You dont know me– Ive read your blog for some time by going through (Shannon #8)’s site!! You have inspired me on many occasions!! THANK YOU!
    I dont even have my own blog site but enjoy the whole blog thing so maybe someday–I will!!!
    Anyway, Shannon’s sis is a real dear friend of mine–we just moved to Indiana last year from Las Vegas, and we are about an hour from Fort Wayne—is this the same Fort Wayne? What a small world if it is!! PLEASE post pictures of your kitchen cabinets if you decide to paint them–mine are real similar and need a change!!
    Well, just thought I’d say hello & thanks again!


  5. You are so bold and adventurous! I love that about you. I’m glad you were able to take a creative break from life and have some fun! Love ya

  6. Thimbleanna says:

    Hi Beckie! You crack me up! I had a GREAT time yesterday and my mom loved her little valentine ornament. I took close up pictures of them and I’m all ready to blog them and My. Stupid. Blog. Is. Down!!! I’m SO disappointed — I want to show my new little goodies from you! Thanks SO much — it was a really fun afternoon! XOXO!

  7. I came over from Anna’s blog..thanks for posting a photo of her, she looks so lovely and friendly. Those pendants are just the cutest things.

  8. infarrantlycreative says:

    Teri yes I live in Indiana, where in Indiana do you live?

  9. We live in Bristol, with hopes of building in Middlebury one of these days!! I know a lot of folks complain of the cold here, but its so beautiful to us— coming from a place where there is no change of seasons!

  10. how fun are you Beckie! fun and busy! you make me wanna craft, then I remember my track record with actually “crafting” isn’t so good. I couldn’t even make good bottle cap magnets at your workshop-remember? mine were the WORST ones there by far!
    when you coming back to the NW for a visit? congrat your hubby on the kill : )

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