Master Cook 9.0

So I decided to take on reorganizing my cookbook. For years I have just printed out my recipes on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper, putting it into a plastic sleeve and then into a binder. I love that system. For my cousin’s wedding I put together a cookbook of our family recipes. After typing them all out I thought I needed a cookbook program so that they are all in one place. I also get asked for copies of my recipes a lot and end up typing them out on email anyway. So I got a software program called Mastercook. I love it. Mind you, it has taken me like two weeks to type all my recipes out. But here’s the bennies…

1. All your recipes are in one place.
2. You can edit and design your own cookbook or recipe cards.
3. It automatically will convert your recipe for more or less servings.
4. It gives you the nutritional information for each recipe.
5. You can export a recipe with a touch of a button and email it to a friend.
6. It also comes with over 400 recipes for you to try.
7. You can pick out your recipes for the week and it will print off a grocery list.
8. You can also figure out how much each meals costs.
9. You can keep track of what is in your pantry.
10. You can print off meal plans for the week, month, etc.

So here is a screenshot of my recipes…

Here is one I made this week with Tim’ deer he shot earlier this year, which by the way, gets 10 stars from me. YUM! This is the way it looks after you type it in.

I just did a simple design, here is a screenshot of my print preview.

So I just got a fun stripey binder from Walmart this week and printed out my cookbook, put them in plastic sleeves and added them to the binder. I can easily print one page off as I add recipes. Pretty darn cool. This would be a great resource for MOMSwho cook. You can keep track of everyone’ recipes and print off a cookbook at the end of each year.