I have had blogger’s block lately. Maybe it is just that my life is incredibly boring lately. I don’t know. Anywho, the craziest news is that I am currently doing a 10-day cleanse. I did it last year around this time and decided to try and do it every year. It made sense to me to clean out my body every year and detox since I pollute it year-round and I am not willing to give up this…

So basically I don’t eat anything solid for 10 days. I drink 32 oz of salt water in the morning – EGADS! a lemonade concoction all day, and an herbal tea at night. I am on Day 7. Last year Tim and I did it together and I think it made it harder because we commiserated together. We only made it 8 days. But I am feeling great, have tons of energy and I have been able to work out everyday with no problem. I have had a few moments…like when Tim ate pizza and icecream in front of me – not nice at all! But I think because I am doing it by myself and Tim is encouraging me this time, it is easier. (Except right now when he just raided the cupboard and is eating chips and salsa…grrrrr!)

So I am thinking of doing a giveaway when I finish this bad boy. It is a reason to celebrate! So of all the things I have blogged about…what should I giveaway? What would you like to win that I have made in the past?

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  1. Girl, I don’t wanna win it…I just want one…a candle with a pic of us girls on it. Seriously!!!!

    And cleanse away, my love…I’ve had a bug of some sort for the past 2 days and my colon has cleansed itself MANY times. OK, too much info.

  2. I’m interested in learning about your cleanse…is there a book you got this from? Seriously, I’d love to know more.

  3. I don’t know what you could give away but boy, you got me so tempted with this peperonni pizza’s picture !!!!!!!!! 😥

    Yes, tell us more about this cleanse ! How can you still have energy to do things after 5 days?

  4. ummm…i wanna win a giveaway! maybe something that you do for baby showers? of course that would be unfair for others…so maybe not.

    Oh…and YOU GO, GIRL! I can’t even fathom doing what you’re doing…

  5. any of your creations…I just think they’re great! However, I will be browsing to check out if I have any specifics 🙂

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