marbled clay fringe necklaces

I am trying my hand at clay pendant and fringe tassel necklaces. I have been obsessed with fringe necklaces for years. There is something soothing about running my fingers over the fringe.

With the current trend of marble and water color, I thought I would merge that with some DIY fringe tassels.



How To Make the Clay Pendants

Let’s start out by making our clay pendants first.

These are a blast to make because you never know how it is going to turn out. It is art each time.


1. The Clay

Begin by conditioning your clay by rolling, squishing and kneading it in your hands.

If you have a pasta machine you can use that to help condition it.

When it seems supple then roll it into a snake.


2. The Snakes

I used aqua, coral, silver and two white snakes of clay. Twist them together.


3. Roll Out

Next roll them out using 3 scraps of mat board as your thickness.

Next peel the clay apart and squish it together and then roll it out again.

Continue this process until you like the marbling.

Then using 2 thicknesses of mat board, roll it out one final time.

Collage pic of clay

4. The Circles

Using your metal circle cutter, cut out your circle pendants.

5. The Screws

Next stick the small metal screw eyes into the top and bottom of your clay pendant.


6. Cook them Up

Cook at 275 degrees for 30 minutes.

Let cool.

7. Optional Step

Paint the sides of the pendant with some leafing paint.



1. The Fringe

Cut about 5″ of fringe.

Roll the top of the fringe tightly making sure the top stays aligned.


2. The Wire

Take a piece of 20 gauge wire and feed it through the top edge of the fringe you just wound.


3. Seal Off

Using chain nose pliers twist the wire to seal it off.

Snip the extra wire with your blunt cut pliers.


4. Cut Bottom

Cut the bottom of the fringe.


5. The Glue

Add a small amount of hot glue in the cone.

Then pull the fringe wire through the hole pulling tightly.

Let the glue dry.


6. The Bead

Add a bead to the wire.

Then cut it about 1/2″ from the bead.

Use your round nose pliers to create a loop at the top.

Collage for joanns

Add the fringe to the bottom of your clay pendant by opening up the wire loop with chain nose pliers.


Purchase a necklace or make your own with all the wire and findings available at your local craft store.


The marble pendants are so pretty.

If you want them shiny you can always coat them with some Krylon Triple Thick Glaze before you put them all together.

Also I would use fray check or clear nail polish on the tassel ends to avoid unraveling.

marble-clay-pendants (2)


I love how each one is completely unique.


To see some more jewelry tutorials click on the pictures below!

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