Mama Birdie Bag

Three posts in one day…whoa! On to crafty news…

I am a mom and have come to grips with the fact that I need a mom bag. But I want to be cute at the same time? Is that possible? I say so…

A friend from church let me borrow an amazing Amy Butler pattern for this Birdie Sling. I got some fabric from Joann’s. This fabric is part of their new Stonehill Collection: Ribbon Dance called Pink Dahlias and Pink Main Floral. I used my half off coupon this week and picked some up for this bag. Isn’t it fun?

Inside I made a large pocket for diapers and wipes. One the other side are smaller pockets for keys, sunglasses, cell phone, etc. Plus my Ballard Designs magazine rolled up inside 🙂

And since I can’t have a purse without a cute flower on it…here is another Wise Craft flower. I added tulle in between the petals to make it more poofy and fun.

Just to give you an idea of the size of this baby…

So can I pull it off? Am I am cute mama or just a mom with a ginormously cute bag??

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  1. Oh…you are a Ca-UTE mama!

  2. The Un-Organized Mom says:

    Sooo cute!!!!

  3. You know you are a cute mama! And I love all bags, so I love that one too!
    So…ya gonna sell those on your Etsy shop when you get it open??

  4. momof4boys says:

    You are a cute mama!! and I am a big fan of your blog. I have it marked in my favourites and check for updates everyday. What a great blog!

  5. News Around The Blogs says:

    It's a cute cute cute bag, I want one! How much?

  6. Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend says:

    You have a great blog…enjoyed reading it tonight.
    I had a little time to do some blog hopping…I always enjoy finding new blogs and new friends.
    Hope you will stop by and visit me.
    This month I am posting on our Disney trip plus a June giveaway.

  7. Wow Beckie – First, you are an a-dor-able mama! second…oreo cakesters can make your bum look like that..i am proof…and i never liked oreo's before…last, but definitely not least, love Wordless Wednesday pics….toooooo cute! B:)

  8. of course, Cute Mama!

    I've wanted to try that pattern for awhile, but those stinkin' amy butler ones are spendy…and never go on sale around here.

    Very cute!

  9. Very cute. You know, you could sell those!

  10. First, email pattern of bag please and thankyou 😀
    second, How much FUN is having a baby girl?!?!?! Sunglasses, check, sun hat, check, cute little itty bitty bikini, check check!!! Soooooo cute.

    Tim ALLOWED his little baby girl out in a bikini?! Ha ha ha. LOVE it 😀

  11. Richella says:

    You are both, babe! Your bag is darling, but you? You are one happenin' redhead.

    And I know one when I see one!

  12. You are one cute momma! Now fill that bag with the little devils and keep running to burn those calories off!

  13. Denise ~ Paper Ponderings says:

    You are such a cute mama!! Love that bag!!!

  14. That bag is ginormous! Have you lost any children in it? It sure is cute though!

  15. How about all the above for some love?! I'll gladly add mine in – love the bag and I bet you're cute with or without it!

  16. Cute bag! Though I must say it's a LOT bigger than I thought just hanging on that door knob… glad you showed just how big it is! : ) Super cute.

  17. So Bella says:

    Oooh, I love the fabrics you chose! You look like a very stylin' momma! Great job!

    I made one of those bags, and was surprised at how big it ended up being. I love how much stuff I can cram in there, though!

  18. Super cute – love the fabric choices – the names of the fabric alone make me happy… you are so good to think of making a pattern your own an dpersonalizing it with the pockets you would need and use. Size is good, too – when you are trying to make one bag function as a diaper bag and a purse, it has to be big – unless, of course, you like the look of crap hanging out the top of your bag…

  19. Empty Nest Full Life says:

    I made one of those a while back, and love it. I would even like a smaller version of the same bag. I have used it to take stuff to school when I substitute. Love the colors of your bag. Jackie

  20. Mom Taxi Julie says:

    That's a great bag, so cute! You did a great job!

  21. Any possible way that you would consider making one and selling it to a fellow blogger? I think that is a gorgeous bag but I do not know how to make anything from a pattern. I barely know how to use my sewing machine. Just thought I would ask. If you would consider could you email me at

  22. Charlotte says:

    i think you are a super cute mama!! the bag is beautiful too! awesome job! …love the fabric you chose.

  23. Dang…you are so cute. I love the fabric. I actually ordered fabric from that post you did on your living room. I was struggling with the same things….black and beige. PERFECT!!!! When I saw that fabric, it was like the sky open up and I heard the angels singing. Ha Ha! Now, I have to head to JoAnn's today and buy that fabric you have for the purse. Don't know what I will do with it yet, but too cute to pass up.

    Emailing you your "interview questions" today. Get them to me whenever you get a chance. I am locking myself in my craft room (dangerous thought) until I get some posts done.

    Love ya girl,
    Great job on the 5K. You ROCK!!!

  24. Super cute mom with a super cute bag! I need a bag like that!

  25. PixieVonAzia says:

    Cute bag! I wish I knew how to make my own bags. My husband would LOVE that. 🙂

  26. The bag is super cute! And you are a cute mama carrying it. But the cute mama better make a regular appointment at the chiropractor or her back is going to be killing her from carrying said bag around town. Or you might just get shorter on one side. 😉

    Congrats on the 5K!

  27. Wes and Dani says:

    Wow I LOVE that bag, and for shizzle you are a cute mama. 🙂 So far I haven't been brave enough to tackle bags…but someday! *crosses fingers*


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