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Who says a picture frame can’t be door decor?   I wanted to add more embellishments to a picture frame so I decided to back it with galvanized metal so that I had a magnetic photo frame.   Each month I can just change out the printable and add new embellishments for a new custom look each season.

magnetic photo frame


Old picture frame

Galvanized roof flashing

Tin Snips


Hot Glue Gun

felt protectors

Spray paint (optional)

Strong Magnets

Scrapbook Embellishments or any other doodads you want to use for magnets

1.   Take some tin snips and cut the metal down to size.   I bought a huge roll of it at Menards for about $14 in the roofing department.   I cut mine down to an 8” x 10” piece.   It will be a rough cut but it doesn’t matter since it will be hidden.   You just want its awesome magnetism.

2. I found an old brass photo frame at a yard sale last season for a quarter.   I spray primered and painted it white.

magnetic photo frame 1

I love the little swirly flowers on this frame…

magnetic photo frame 2

2.   Then I put the glass in and printed out my Easter printable and put that in the frame as well.   It is available for download under “free downloads” on my menu or by clicking here. I have it available in 5” x 7”, 8” x 10” or 8 1/2” x 11. Then I put the galvanized roof flashing on top of that.

3. Then I hot glued some sheer ribbon onto that.

magnetic photo frame 4

4.   Then I put the backing on and added some felt protectors to the corners so it wouldn’t scuff up my door.

magnetic photo frame 5

5. I took some scrapbook embellishments and hot glued them onto felt.   Then I hot glued really strong magnets on the back.   The simple craft ones don’t work you need metal magnets found at the craft store.


magnetic photo frame 6

Now I have a cute frame to put all those awesome printables in and can add fun little embellishments directly onto the glass.

magnetic photo frame

magnetic photo frame

magnetic photo frame

This printable is a quick last minute addition to your Easter décor.   So go ahead and print as many as you want.

I think these frames would make great gifts with a bunch of embellishments and printables for them to change out.   I am thinking Mother’s Day right around the corner!

You can write on the glass with chalk-ink or dry erase markers.

You can add a picture on the glass with magnets.

You can leave a note on the board.

Do you need more Easter craft ideas?

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  1. I totally love this idea. I have been wanting to do this type of thing for a while. I am going to look for frames at the thrift store. I think this would be such a cute Christmas gift, especially if I bought the embellishments for each season and put them in a bag. Regular scrapbook paper would be an amazing background. Thank you for the idea! Also, do you put glass in the front? Or just the paper on the metal??

  2. That ROCKS!
    I’m so copying that one of these days!
    I wonder if I can get some sheetmetal!


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