2” x 2” x 6.5” wood block
decorative paper
acrylic paint
decoupage medium (like Modge Podge)
5” x 7” galvanized metal (I got 100 of them at Home depot for around $18.00)
sandpaper (I use 60 or 100 grit)
magnets (small dot ones)
E6000 glue

1. At any lumber store (I got mine at Home Depot) they sell 2” x 2” x 8’ boards. I ran them through a slightly titled table saw to put the slot in the block where the galvanized metal goes. I then took a chop saw and cut the 8’ board into 6.5” blocks. Hopefully you have a man in your world who knows how to do a little woodworking. (I had a grandpa who came for a visit and I put him to work).

(side view so you can see the slight angle to the cut)

2. Paint the wood block the color of your choice. I usually just put one coat on because I like the “roughed up” look.

Print out your sentiment on a piece of decorative paper. You will have to format the sentiment in any word processing program. Cut it down to a manageable size but cut it bigger than the block.

4. Put a LIGHT coat of decoupage medium on the correct side of the block with a foambrush. Important: Make sure you check to be sure you are decoupaging the correct side of the block.

5. Center paper sentiment on the glue. Burnish (press HARDLY, like with a credit card, butter knife or bone folder) the sentiment down onto the block. LET DRY.

6. Taking the sandpaper, sand the edge of the paper. This will eventually tear the paper away from the block giving you a nice finished look. Be patient when sanding try not to rip the paper but let the sanding do all the work.

7. If you like, sand the block also giving it an “antiqued look.

8. Brush a LIGHT coat of decoupage medium over the top of the sentiment. This seals it. Put it aside and let it dry.

9. Take buttons and glue them with E6000 onto the magnets. Set aside and let dry.

10. When everything is dry put galvanized metal sheet into its place in the block. Add a 4” x 6” photo and put the magnets in place.

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