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What’s not to love about a magnetic dry erase calendar? I have had the picture frame glass dry erase calendar in my house for about a year now.   I originally saw it on Nannygoat who saw a similar one on Make it and Love It.   I decided I wanted to change out the fabric and so I also upgraded it a little by adding a piece of galvanized sheet metal behind it so it is also magnetic, similar to my magnetic photo frame.   I have an addiction with multi purpose things I think.   So I absolutely love that it is magnetic, a calendar, and dry erase board.



Galvanized Sheet Metal

Old Large Picture Frame

Spray Paint (if you want to change the color of the frame)

Hot Glue Gun

Permanent Marker Ruler


1.   You can get a piece of galvanized sheet metal cut at your local HVAC shop or you can purchase a roll of it at your local Home Depot or Lowes and cut it with tin snips.


2.   Hot glue the fabric around the metal.   Make sure you go with a lighter colored fabric that isn’t too busy.   It will be hard to read if you use a crazy patterned or bright fabric.



3.   Next measure out your frame and decide how large each square will be for your calendar.   With a permanent marker draw the grid lines.   The drawn lines will be on the back of the glass.   If you don’t use vinyl for the days of the week then write the name on the front of the glass and then flip it over and trace over the words on the back of the glass. Then erase the words from the front of the glass.   That way you have the calendar grid and the days of the week written on the wrong side of the glass.

4.   Put your frame back together.   There is no need to add the cardboard backing if you have a thicker metal.   However, if you get the stuff on the roll (which is in the roofing section), which is thinner, then replace the cardboard so it gives it more stability.

Just like with the magnetic photo frame you have to purchase heavier duty magnets in order to hold it in place since you are going through a piece of glass before you get to the magnetic metal.


I plan on making numbered magnets so I don’t have to rewrite the days every month.   I also want to make cute ones for birthday parties, doctor appointments, etc.   I will show you those soon.

But for now the Chalk-Ink markers work great to write on the glass.   Then you use glass cleaner to wipe it clean every month.


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  1. I love that you made it magnetic. Thank you for sharing this idea 🙂

  2. Oh I love this! I’ve been wanting some kind of dry erase board for the house, but wanted a pretty one. I may make the calendar a little smaller and leave some lines to the side to make to do/grocery lists. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I was just thinking about doing something like this, yours turned out great. Dry erase plus magnetic is a win!!! and so much prettier than a white board. Do you think that window clings would work for the birthdays and special dates? I have a package of printable ones that I was thinking about making for mine.
    One more question, what is a HVAC shop (I’m clueless)?

  4. Oh I don’t know that is a good question. I am sure they would, after all, it is glass. HVAC- heating/Venting and Air Conditioning.

  5. i love your stuff/website! i was wondering how you made the “BLESSED” sign above the calendar. Did you use modge podge? and what coating did you put over the letters (assuming they are paper)? Thanks : )

  6. Can you send me a copy of the lettering? The board & Blessed sign look soo cute! I’ve been needing a much larger board & love the idea of sharpie-ing the grid rather than relying on the scrapbooking vinyl 12X12 calendar sheet.

  7. Hi there!! Loved this idea so much!!
    I’m actually finishing up with mine right now. Just wondering where you found “heavy duty” magnets because none of the magnets I have are working. Thanks so much!!!

  8. Beckie this is so great! Thank you! I was looking for ideas on Pinterest and I am DEFINITELY forwarding this to my husband! You are awesome and very blessed indeed! 🙂

  9. Where did you get the magnetic sheet metal? and did they cut it for you? also the vinyl letters are they mirror image? how did you do the vinyl so perfect?

  10. You can buy the magnetic sheet metal in the plumbing section at any home store and you can cut it yourself. or you can go to a HVAC place and see if they have it and how much they’d charge you to cut it. Yes I used vinyl and mirrored them. I just measured carefully to make sure everything was straight.

  11. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.. i called a sheet metal company and for 24 by 36 inches of that kind of sheet metal would cost $75 is that unreasonable?

  12. What size frame and sheet metal did you use? I’m also trying to figure out what the fabric is for?

  13. Mine is a weird size frame I found at Goodwill. It is 23 x 29. I bought a piece of galvanized sheet metal from Lowe’s and had my local metal fabricator cut it down to size for me. The fabric is just decorative. If you don’t mind the silver of the sheet metal, you don’t need the fabric. I just wanted something instead of the shiny metal. Hope that helps!

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