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My home is my haven.  I definitely love being home the best. Okay well maybe vacation, on a beach with just my husband and no kids is slightly better.  But who can do that year round? 🙂 If you read this blog religiously you know our family made a move about 6 months ago to a new state, which of course, meant a new home.  There were many reasons why we purchased the home we did but one of them wasn’t because it was perfectly decorated and totally my style.  In fact, none of the walls will remain the same color, none of the floors on the main floor will be the same surface and none of the rooms will be left untouched.  While this is fun for me, sometimes the waiting for the rooms to be completed isn’t.  I am not a patient person by nature and waiting for time, money and inspiration for each room kills me all the time most of the time.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

Since we moved in I have gotten the garage, family room, mudroom and Kayla’s room complete.  Most of you would say “Goodnight Girl! 4 completed spaces in 6 months is amazing!† I do agree, I was just hoping for more like one room a month.  So my goal by now was 6 spaces completed. 

So when Melissa Michael’s book “Love the Home You Have†arrived on my doorstep I was eager to jump in and read it.  I wasn’t exactly feeling the love for my home in that moment of waiting.  All I was seeing is unfinished rooms.

Love the Home You Have - new book by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room

In the book Melissa gives a series of challenges.  On Day one the challenge is to view your home through the lens of gratitude. I was reminded how grateful I am for the space I call home, the memories we have created in the short time we have been here, and the breath of fresh air this move was for our family. 


So instead of focusing on the spaces that aren’t finished and drive me crazy (I will show you those too!) I will focus on the spaces I love. I adore my family room which was transformed from a dull, nonfunctioning space, to a room that is a cozy spot for us to cuddle and read, watch movies, and invite others in our home to share our life with.

DSC_0044unfinished house

DSC_0046unfinished house

I love walking through the doors of my home to our mudroom.  Small as it is, it is the perfect drop zone for our family.  And helps this momma keep her sanity because everything has a place.  It makes our morning routine go smoother and helps keep us organized.



The last room I finished was my daughter’s room.  As messy as this room can get, I am reminded of her amazing creativity and how this room is oftentimes transformed into a hospital, castle, salon, kitchen or make up studio.  It keeps her dreaming and is her space where she feels safe.



So today that is what I am focusing on! It is amazing how taking off the DIY glasses for a moment and putting on the gratitude glasses changes your perspective so quick.  I am blessed beyond measure! 

However, tomorrow I am dreaming of new spaces that will continue to shape our family.

Like my studio.  This space probably drives me the most crazy because I miss my old studio that I spent 4 months of blood, sweat and tears on.  Sigh…

So in my new house I added some plastic shelves for functionality during the transition period.  I have a bunch of stuff in boxes (I actually used the app moving van so I know exactly what the contents are!) sitting to the side. 

DSC_0033unfinished house

DSC_0034unfinished house

But plans are already in process to transform this space by the summer.  The carpet will be gone, cabinets and drawers installed, and possibly the large craft table repainted.  We will see where my vision takes me.  But I am so excited about it!!

DSC_0038unfinished house
DSC_0040unfinished house

Someday this office will be a functional space for my husband and I to work – him studying and prepping for sermons or meetings and me pounding out blog posts.

But for now it looks like this…

DSC_0042unfinished house

Our kitchen is fully functional and I am able to make my family nutritious meals every night. Whether they eat those meals or not is another blog post.  However, I have dreams of white upper cabinets and grey lower cabinets, new flooring and a rustic wood peninsula.  I will be so excited for the day when the “honey oak-ness†is removed from my house.

DSC_0047unfinished house

DSC_0050unfinished house

I am grateful.  While more spaces are undone than completed I am so excited about this journey of transforming my home.  I am blessed to have this amazing roof over our heads, oh and this pool in the backyard – to be opened April 15th….squuueaalll!


And this awesome backyard where just last night a wiffle ball game took place.


So pick up Melissa’s book “Love your Home†and join me and a bunch of others on the “31 Day Love Your Home Challengeâ€.



Love Your Home Challenge Tour - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

The tangible challenges she gives helps keep your perspective where it needs to be and challenge you to continue to dream and move forward.  Pick it up on Amazon today.

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  1. Thank you for the encouraging words to look through “the lens of gratitude.” As long as my to do list is, my blessings list is really so much longer! I forget that!

    Your home is lovely! Enjoy!

  2. What fun to get to see your home and all the progress you’ve made already in turning your new house into a home!! You go girl! And that mudroom, AH I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your home and creativity with us. I’m so honored you are a part of this challenge today. Love you, girl, thanks so much!!!

  3. Wow…a huge home like that, and you’re complaining about your unfinished spaces? My husband and I are living in an 1925, 897-square-foot bungalow with five pets until we can find a larger place. (I’m so desperate I’d gladly take anything over 2,000 square feet regardless of its condition; he’s being picky, however). Be eternally grateful not just for all of that glorious space but also for the ability to transform it!

  4. Oh Beckie, I haven’t been around hardly at all since last July. Life hit us hard and we just had to hammer in the tent stakes and weather the storm. So no, I didn’t realize you had moved. I’ve read your blog since Kayla was born. Now I need to go back and read every single post since I last left Off. Just the other day I was thinking I didn’t get to go see you at the home show this year. But I guess you weren’t there. Sigh. It was awesome knowing you were close by. May God bless your family richly.You will always have a soft spot in my heart. Hugs, Rachel

  5. I am definitely grateful, TJ, and am glad this challenge altered my perspective a bit. I think everyone wants a home that feels settled and meaningful to them, no matter the size.

  6. Good to hear from you, Rachel! I am sorry to hear you have been through a rough patch. Honestly, 2014 was a tough year for us too. I would love to catch up sometime soon. Hugs!

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