I got this little table for $5 at a yard sale this past fall. I loved how tiny it was and of course the price. It was just the right size for a side table near the rocking chair for me to use while nursing Kayla. Of course it was an ugly oak and did not match the room so… let’s paint!.

I primered it and then painted one coat of Blossom White by American Accents Rustoleum. Then I took the paint color from the walls and watered it down and took a paper towel and rubbed it into the surfaces and then wiped it away. This gave it a little aged look and didn’t look so stark white. After that, I took 60 grit sandpaper and roughed up the edges a little to look worn. I also changed out the knob to a cute little crystal one.

Remember when I was wondering what I should do with that extra basket? Well after making another basket liner I put it at the bottom of the table (with my nursing pads inside LOL!). PERFECT!

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