hostess cupcake tn

It is official. I am doomed.

What do you get when you cross this…

with this…

Give up???

No, not this…


These little things are sinful…straight from the devil to make me fat. I got them free at Walgreens this week. Check it out here if you want to be sucked in. But I warn you…they call your name from the pantry. Dangerous I tell ya..

In other news I am running my first three miler today. There is a 5K event at our church tonight. I will post a project I just finished today if I don’t die from running before that.

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  1. These are amazing – I bought the 100 calorie version, but the problem is there they sat after I ate the 100 calories — I could have eaten about 400 calories! Dangerous stuff but so yummy!

  2. Soft OREOS! Count me in! Have you tried the Oreos that are straws yet? A glass of milk and an edible oreo straw… it doesn't get much better than that!

    Good luck with your run today! My motto is that I don't run unless I am being chased, so I am totally impressed with you.

    I live just outside of Atlanta. Where in GA are you going to be?

  3. No lie, Beckie…I was literally sitting here at the computer trying to remember what store I could get those 'little devils' for free this week…when your post popped up on my feedburner. It's a sign. I hear you, God…I'm on my way to Walgreens!

  4. LOVE LOVE the oreo cakesters!! Heading to Walgreens tomorrow to snag some of those. See you tonight at the run. We can stick together while Tim and Andy leave us in their dust!! HaHa

  5. Gah! I got a coupon yesterday for ones with Peanut Butter in the middle! Drroool.

  6. You're RUNNING a 3-miler?

    Dude, that makes up for the Cakesters.

    Sorry about the debacle on Messenger today…read my post for tomorrow…I mention you. Because I love you. I really do…even in the middle of a semi-crisis.

  7. Oh.

    I'm trying to give up sweets. Fur real. I don't even LIKE oreos…and those look good to me. This is a problem.

  8. I would take that picture of that huge mound of butt and stretch pants slopping over the sides of that chair and ModPodge it around the box.

    I would also never go into a Walgreens for fear I would decide just one box would be worth it….

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