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The Laundry Room Cabinet Project has been officially completed. The remodel of my huge guest bathroom (to see the process scroll to the bottom of the post) to include a smaller bathroom and laundry room.

This has been one of my most challenging and stretching-of-my-skills-project so far. But it is done and I can say I am totally smitten with it as well as proud of myself for accomplishing all that I did.

Last I left you in regards to my laundry room, I had just installed the Aquaguard Laminate floor. After that it was time to install my stackable washer and dryer and add some storage.

I opted for some very inexpensive builder basic cabinets that you can get at any big box store.

I got mine from Lowes and I spent right at $550 on them. You can spend double that and have them pre-painted.

But I am cheap and don’t mind putting in a little time to save $500.

small laundry space cabinets

These are the in stock cabinets I got at Lowes. They are all Project Source brand stock oak cabinets.

Supplies for the Laundry Room Cabinet Project :

  • (3) 15×30″ cabinet uppers – $45 each
  • 18″ tall pantry cabinet – $243
  • 30″ base cabinet – $94
  • 12″ basement – $62

Total $534 before tax

I ended up painting them with 2 coats of Kilz primer followed by two coats of White Dove by Benjamin Moore in semi-gloss.

painting-cabinets (2)

I had about 1/2“ 3/4″ space on all sides of the lower and upper cabinets after I installed them.

I purchased some quarter round molding to hide that and then caulked and touched up the holes with 3M Patch Plus (love that stuff!).


On the upper cabinet side I reused a piece of crown molding I took down from my studio when I converted it from a dining room.

Laundry Room Cabinets

The sink counter was easy to build. I just cut a piece of 3/4″ birch plywood to fit, jigsawed (I made up that word!) out a hole for the sink.

And then added a 1×2 piece of birch to cover the plywood edge and create the illusion of a thicker wood counter piece.

Then I stained it with a coat of Minwax Dark Walnut with 5 coats of poly.

I airnailed it to the cabinets and then filled the holes but you could also screw up from under the cabinets into the countertop as well to avoid touch ups.


The knobs are simple silver knobs that were inexpensive from D. Lawless hardware, the only place I get my door bling from.


The pantry cabinet isn’t actually attached to the wall. I did add a piece of baseboard to it so it looks built-in but I needed access to the hoses and cords so I didn’t want to make that permanently attached to the wall.

So there is a slight gap between the cabinet and the wall that I have to live with.

I ended up purchasing a new washer and dryer from Lowes over their Black Friday sale. I ended up with the Whirlpool Duet (washer and dryer) because the reviews were awesome and they had stacking capabilities.

We have had Whirlpool Cabrios for the last 8 years or so and loved them so we trusted the brand.


This laundry space is small. It is only 4″ x 11″ but I feel like we made a big impact in such a small space.

It is perfect for our needs and I can’t tell you how totally thrilled I am to have the laundry room on the third floor and not the basement anymore.

Best decision ever!

small-space-laundry-room (2)

Stay tuned for the barn doors!  Let me tell you, they are swoonworthy!

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