Laundry Basket Dresser

So I have been a long time fan of Ana-White.  My very first project I attempted from Ana was her laundry basket dresser.  I remember, four years ago, how scared I was to make this thinking I could never build something.  Well, this little laundry basket dresser started my love for building.  I thought since ya’ll loved it (it has been over 256K times) we would revisit it. The only problem with Ana’s plans was that I needed my laundry baskets to slide in lengthwise and not widthwise like her plan outlined.  However, I did use the same exact laundry baskets that Ana used (Sterilite 1245 – 1 ½ Bushel Rectangular Laundry Basket – found at Wal-Mart).

free build plans for a tall laundry basket dresser


Luckily, my husband is way smarter than I am, and was able to figure out the measurements I would need.  So, in case you have been drooling over these babies I thought I would offer you the measurements as well for the baskets to slide in lengthwise.

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3/4″ Plywood

1/4″ Plywood

12 feet of 1” x 2’s

2″ wood screws

wood glue

wood filler

finishing supplies

casters with screws


If you trust your Lowes or Home Depot to cut your boards straight you can have them make all the plywood cuts.  If not, just follow the plans and rip them down yourself with a table saw.

laundry basket dresser unpainted

I also was sceeeered of metal angles like Ana did, so I just cut lengths of 1” x 2’s down to size with my chopsaw and screwed them in.


I also added casters so I can move the dresser easily and get all the dust bunnies from behind it with the vacuum when I need to Winking smile.



A coat of primer and a coat of a light gray paint that I had in my stash and we were in business!  I had the perfect spot for it right next to the dryer. I am so excited to use it and help keep my laundry contained.

laundry room


This is just absolutely perfect for my weekly laundry day.  I simply fold all the clothes and my kids and hubby grab their baskets and put them away.   

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  1. Good job! I may have to make this one. I m a build from scratch girl. I’ve one the bed and spa bench from her site. Now I am refinishing my kitchen cabinets, thanks to a certain blogger. (you!)

  2. “Fear is in the eye of the beholder” meaning, we do all have different fears. You did it, now I bet we see some more hefty projects from here. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. thats a great idea! love it! … me an idea for my laundry room too….a place for me to put my garmets that need dry cleaning or delicate wash so they’re not shoved in the regular basket of dirty clothes. thanks for posting!

  4. Love this idea! I have just the place for something like this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. I love that you guys took the plans and put your own spin on them. Looks great!

  6. You are right, it does seem scary to try and take something like this on. And this exact piece has been on my pinterest board as well. Your tutorial makes its seem a BIT less scary especially since they will cut the wood for me at Home Depot. Maybe I could try it over Spring Break? Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Thanks for the tips and tricks! I love this idea for sorting laundry

  9. Beckie I am so with you! I remember back to her very original blog header and very few followers. I would tell everyone about her site, and they thought I was crazy. But now you cant open pinterest without seeing something from her site! Love her! We have built doll furniture, but I am needing to build these laundry dressers asap! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  10. I love the ideas that make some everyday object so functional and nice at the same time. Those are the bits that make life better.

  11. Quick question, does it cost extra to have home depot cut the wood for you? I have a table saw but I have never used it and my hubby won’t be back until summer, but I really want to make this!

  12. Sheer genius! This is getting pinned and going on hubby’s to-do list stat!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  13. THANK YOU! for the measurements. Now I don’t have to try and figure it out by myself. It looks great.

  14. I love that you used baskets, what a clever idea! Please stop over and share at Mix it up Monday:

    I hope to see you soon 🙂

  15. What a great idea, thank you. I pinned it 5 min ago and it has already been repined 16 times. Now i just need to show it to my husband and hope…thank you also for the link to Anna White website.

  16. What a great project! Thanks for sharing your tips. This looks very nice!

  17. Oh, how I love Anna White! I’ve been eyeing these plans for some time…You are lucky to have room in your laundry for it!

  18. Wow, absolutely LOVE this project. When I get moved back into a place with a good laundry room, I’m gonna have to make me one of these!

  19. What a brilliant little idea. You did an amazing job altering the plan to fit your baskets. I wish this fit in my tiny laundry room.

  20. This is such a super idea! I love the addition of the wheels. How awesome for cleaning and moving it about. I am pinning this! I am a new Pinterest follower. Vicky from Mess For Less

  21. Oh I love this! It would be great if you would share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays.

  22. I love this! Trying to figure out what to store the laundry baskets is always a problem for us, and they always seem to get in the way. I never thought about them having their own little cubby. Thanks for sharing another option for holding them too. 🙂

    • This just made me super excited about my laundry and I’m sure the hubs will be glad to have the piles of (clean) laundry off the floor. Can’t wait to make this! You did a fantastic job. It looks wonderful!

  23. I like the look of the wood instead of metal for the baskets to slide on, but I am wondering how it actually works. Does it slide easily? Does paint flake off when you slide the baskets over the wood? Thank you

  24. I absolutely loved this idea to pick up my grandson’s toys in my living room quick and easy. I “thought” most of the projects on Ana’s site are meant to be inexpensive. Went to Lowe’s yesterday and had them make all the cuts by your laundry bin, which I liked better out of the 3/4 in plywood you suggested and am very unhappy to report that I am going to have almost $75 in this “toybox” by the time I buy the baskets. That’s not counting the screws and paint I already have. 🙁 I could’ve bought a laundry sorter and toybox for that. We’ll see when it’s put together today, but will definitely be checking out the total cost before attempting anything like this again!!!

    • Yah wood sure is expensive. I think I spent about that too, however I was okay with it because all the sorters I have seen before just don’t have the durability that this has. I hope you are happy with it.

  25. I LOVE THIS!!! I saw you on Pinterest. I have been thinking of doing something along these lines. Thanks for sharing!!!

  26. love this! have been wanting to make the original for awhile, but have needed this style more, so i’m happy you posted this. i do have a question though… might you have any ideas for keeping two of them together? i want to have them next to each other to place a tabletop ironing board on, but i don’t want them to be permanently fixed or built together. want the two units to be able to come apart. does that make any sense? any ideas or insight would be appreciated!

  27. My wife pinned this and asked me to make it for her. I must say it is one of the rare Pinterest ideas that is as easy to make as it looks. I used the measurements given but shortened the height by 1″ since we have a cabinet obstructing that high up where we are wanting to put it. I also did not put the bottom rail in as the basket can simply rest on the bottom of the box. This meant I had to buy only 1 2×4″ rail (8 feet long.) It took me a few hours. I had to buy a single 4×8 plywood (3/4″) and a 2×4 of the 1/4″ had to be cut. Home Depot made all the cuts except the rails. I spent about $50 only but I will use old paint that I have in the garage.

    My baskets don’t slide easily. They need a little push but fit snug. Not too snug though. My thought was that I should build this to meet the space I want to put it in and find baskets that fit. Laundry baskets come in all shapes and are fairly cheap. As it is, my baskets that I already have are going to work.

    Nice idea, thanks !

  28. I currently use 4 laundry baskets that are just lined in a row for whites, darks, regular, and towels/linens. What three groupins do you use since you only have 3? I need to build this too, just wish I had a spot beside the washer/dryer to put it. Ours is in the garage and there is a door going outside in the way.

  29. Yay! I’ve been wanting something like this to replace the hamper in our closet so we can sort clothes when we take them off. I could have figured out the measurements, but since you’re hubby did it…I’ll be getting started on this this weekend! Thanks for posting 🙂

  30. my hubby is currently outside finishing the construction on one of these for me. he is making one 6 tall for me (double the height) as we have a TINY TINY laundry room that already houses a stacked washer and dryer and a small vertical chest freezer. our current laundry sorting system isn’t working AT ALL now that we have 6 members in our family (most of whom are under 6 years old) and now i cannot shut my wash room door to keep a certain 2 year old from climbing in the washer…. the casters will make it safer for us as the only place to put our laundry is in front of our back door, so we need to be able to roll it out in case of emergency, not to mention dust bunny extraction….
    for those wondering we have 3 girls and 1 boy so there are LOTS of pink/red clothes in this house
    our loads are/will be:
    light colors
    darker colors

  31. Rebeccah C says:

    I think this project is sooooo smart! My home is tiny and there’s nowhere for this here now, but in a different home, maybe. I love how you put the wheels on, so you can pull it out and clean behind of make laundry deliveries too 🙂

    • The wheels definitely make it more functional, and I love that it doesn’t take up as much floor space since it utilizes vertical space.

  32. ColorMeConfused says:

    Actually, I think it’s great. I am looking for laundry baskets so I can make my own!

  33. I am not sure how you all built this from the cuts that you listed! We went and got all the wood from your cut list and there is not enough room for 3 baskets. If you have the instructions for your cut list then can I please have them? If not I am out $50 and will have an upset daughter who we are doing this project for! Thanks

  34. Hello there from Greece!
    I love your work.
    I am having a really difficult time to convert feet and inches to cm. Unfortunately it is the only way I can buy all supplies you suggest. Can you please help by giving me all the dimensions needed in cm?
    Thank you very much.

  35. Melodie Jones says:

    Just be careful what wood you use. I made a set of these several years ago. I let the guy at Homey De-pot to talk me into using a cheaper grade of wood, particle board, to save money. I also had them cut it, because why not, way easier. But I got tons of splinters just screwing it together. And after a while the wood warped and the dresser is no longer able to hold the baskets. Very annoying!

  36. How much did everything cone out to?

  37. how do i price the lumber??? which one would be cheaper to use but still last a long time??

    • I usually use pine for all of my projects. Any wood is going to be pretty stable except maybe OSB or a thin plywood. If you choose to purchase plywood, I would get birch or oak. Hope that helps!

  38. Christy Leonard says:

    I can’t get the link to work for the measurements. Can you email them to me please?

  39. I could not get the measurments to download either. Could you e-mail to me also? Thanks

  40. Jasmine Brewer says:

    I’m not really understanding the measurements. Can you please spell them out for me (e.g., 3 4ft pieces of 3/4 inch plywood). Thank you!!!!

  41. Cire Nemeth says:

    Hi! I’m unable to see the link to download the plans, are they still available? If so, are you able to email them to me @

    Thank you!!

  42. Amber Freshour says:

    Are these plans still available? They don’t seem to be in the post anymore. Thank you so much!!


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