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I adore personal, custom and meaningful art and decor in my home.  That is why I love DIY projects.  Doing it myself allows me to add as much personality, humor and fun into my home that I want.  While I have only lived in my city for almost two years, this pillow is a reminder of where I am now.  It reminds me to choose to live in the now.  After living in 5 others states it is easy to reminisce about the “good ole days†but sometimes I need a reminder to live in the here and now and make the most out of the place I live by being fully engaged in my community and the people I am surrounded with.  So here enters my latitude and longitude city pillow.



Lumbar pillow form

Lumbar pillow cover (I used the IKEA Gurli one and sewed down the size to get it to a lumbar)

Digital cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricut

Vinyl or Contact Paper

Transfer tape


Fabric paint (I used Tulip: Ebony)

1.  A quick google search of the latitude and longitude of your city will pop right up if you search for it.  Once you have those numbers you can design your pillow in the software that came with your digital cutting machine.  The fonts I used are Steady font and Arial.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 6.59.48 PM

2.  Next I cut it out onto contact paper but you can also use vinyl.  Remove the letters to reveal your stencil.


3.  Then I applied it to the front of my pillow with transfer tape.


4.  Make sure you burnish the stencil down well on your pillow so you get a nice adhesion.

5.  In order to avoid bleeding I recommend a pouncer.  I barely use any paint on the pouncer and then paint up and down until I fill the letter in, pressing the stencil down before I paint.


6.  Let it dry for about 10 minutes and then come back to see if there is any areas that needs to be painted more.  You can always touch up with a small paintbrush later too.


7.  Then peel off your stencil and use a stick pin to remove the vinyl inside the letters.  Let dry and then pop your pillow form inside.


Quick, easy, personal and custom.  Plus it would be a great gift for a person who has a lot of town pride.

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